Saturday, July 31, 2010

smooth "saling".

today was the best day of garage saling all summer.
here are some of the gems i found!

1- stripped wooden chair
1- retro raccoon print bag
3- large retro print fabric pieces {all so cute}
1- black sheer fabric
1- red doll-sized trunk
1- gorgeous vintage patchwork apron
1- adorable pink vintage swimming cap {the 3rd one i've bought... i loooove these!}
1- set of 18 wilton heart-shaped baking cups {v-day party next year for sure!}
1- antique glass bottle {a gift for a friend}
1- tiny pair of retro sunglasses {for the little bros}
4- pairs of earrings
1- adorable baking pan with 12 mini rectangular serving plates {for being a little hostess someday}
1- white basket
1- cutesy little homemade doll
2- celtics decals {gifts (:}
1- set of very very mini lincoln logs {for lincoln!}

all of this for $8.30!
what a good day indeed.
hopefully i can get pictures of some more great things i found soon!

1 comment:

  1. i'm stalking your blog - so now you're going to get lots 'o comments!!
    you find the most amazing things ever!! and for so cheap!
    are you going to feature the vintage bathing suits?