Thursday, September 9, 2010

cute & vintage-y pacifier clips.

what you'd need:
cute ribbon - vintage or new will do {i used both}
matching colored threads
sweet vintage buttons
sewing needle
snaps {w/ tool in package}
suspender clips, or other clips {i used some vintage and some new}

i have made 12 so far. they are so fun to make!
the one i attempted to sew levi's name on didn't get finished because i ran out of clips!
and i had to make a bills one... i hate football. but if you live this close... it just has to be done.
{these pictures did not turn out well! ick.}

how they look with pacifiers!
cutesy striped vintage ribbon for the girl
and adorable new ribbon for the little farmer boy.

weebs tried this one out since his wasn't done yet... it was too small for his big mouth
and just kept falling out! i'll have to go buy him a bigger pacifier.
still... what a SWEETIE!

hopefully i'll start selling these soon... at some craft fairs or on etsy.
or to YOU?!