Tuesday, October 19, 2010

farmer girl.

i feel like i should go milk a cow with a stool and a bucket while i am wearing this dress.
or go collect chicken eggs in a basket.
it's so cute & my grandma got some ancient stains out of it for me
so i don't need to frolic about with huge spots all over me.

1940's vintage dress: thrifted
boots: thrifted


  1. ha. you would never go collect eggs.

    you are so lucky you can find thrifty shoes in your size.

  2. i know! but beauty did it in beauty & the beast
    so i've wanted to do it ever since.
    just in my dreams though never in reality... disgusting!

  3. LOVE this photo series!!
    p.s. follow my new blog @ http://christinaprindle.blogspot.com/

    there isn't much there yet, but i'm working on it!