Wednesday, November 24, 2010


{thrifted} << this blog just in general.
and their e-bay store is a+.

{vintage maxi skirts}
i have had a few that i wore all
of the past two summers, but in the past couple of weeks
i've pulled out some others that i've had hanging around and
they have been working simply perfectly at keeping my
dauntingly white and dry legs from being shown to
people/from being SO cold!

after i shop i shop ALL day on friday... you can bet
there will be a few more
eye catching, floor sweeping, waist clenching
skirts in my closet.

{epoca eclectic} on etsy... they have unbelievably amazing housewares
& knick knacks... you need to check them out!
so neat.

{notecards for memory} in many of my bible studies/devotionals/
churches i've visited recently they've been mentioning how
important it is to prepare yourself for future
times of trouble {for yourself or others}
and that this help comes from knowing God's word
and always having it on hand... like, up in your head!
so memorization?!
well... i hate reading and memorizing is
completely out of the question
{obviously you can tell by my lack of english/writing skills}
but i've decided to start writing verses out on notecards
and i will be a memorizing queen before you know it!

{these clogs} i'm not obsessed with the studding along the front
but overall... i love them! i wear a size 7-7.5.
hint hint.

i hope you all had a fabulous {and thankful} thanksgiving.

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  1. oh my...i NEED that red plaid skirt for christmas. speaking of which...i believe at one time you had a long dress i liked. wonder if you still have it?? are all your clothes in your space? perhaps i could come shopping...