Sunday, January 31, 2010

thermal comfort

my latest obsession?
you guessed it: thermal long sleeve shirts.
western new york is killing me...
i need summer and dresses and sun.
in the meantime these are saving my arms from the freezing cold.

during the creation of this post i typed "thermal comfort" into google to see what would come up... and this was it...
definition of thermal comfort: "the state of mind that expresses satisfaction with the surrounding environment" if this ^ face isn't a look of satisfaction, i don't know what is.

currently says it is 0º outside, but it feels like -10º
it also told me that on the "comfort index" it would be uncomfortable outside...
i guess has never worn one of these thermals.

comfort & satisfaction in any environment.

delia's sells the cutest thermals ever if i've inspired you to go buy some. (only $10!!)