Monday, March 29, 2010

finally clean

a few weeks ago (or months?)
i put a picture up of the content of my closet in the middle of my room
i said hopefully the next day it would be all organized...
no such luck.

but it's done now!

dresser- newest addition to my closet.
the home for my nighties/slips/tights/tanks


Saturday, March 27, 2010

knitty gritty

on thursday i learned how to knit!
(i don't know if it qualifies as knitting yet, but it's an attempt)

this is the book i tried to teach myself from.
that was extremely unsuccessful (as in - i couldn't even get started)
luckily i was working at the antique co-op that i have a booth at
and one of the ladies working with me (margie) was knitting!!
so i made her teach me :)

this ^ was the first attempt.
it was supposed to be a square...
yeah, not the greatest

my second attempt is going much better.
i'm not going to work on purling for the time being
because it didn't work out so well in the first attempt
so i'll just knit a long, skinny something for practice.

or maybe i will make it into one of these

go me for learning something new!

Friday, March 26, 2010

spring fever

signs of spring are finally here!

song of solomon 2: 11-13
"for the winter is past, and the rain is over and gone.
the flowers are springing up, and the time of the singing birds has come...
the fig trees are budding, and the grapevines are in blossom. how delicious they smell!
yes, spring is here! arise, my beloved, my fair one,
and come away."

okay... so i know you can have pineapple all year
but it just reminds me of summer. because it is beautiful & delicious
also.. it was only $1.99! normally i have to pay $3.99.
what a steal.

now if garage sale season would start up...
i would have everything i need.

a ziz a zaz a ZOO

a few weeks ago the cousins (minus tori)
and lincoln and i went to seneca park zoo.
i hadn't been to the zoo since i was 14!
it was pretty cold, but linc loved it.

crazy sea lions


linco j under the water!

cutest little monkey i've ever seen.
if someone is trying to find me a great birthday present...
i would accept this.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


some pictures i am in love with.
from recent picture taking escapades.

Monday, March 15, 2010

genes of a champ.

lately i've been thinking a lot about how healthy and
happy and stable my family is compared to
most other families (extended family included)

and i am just so thankful to have so many people
with such great personalities in my family

so i started thinking of all the different relatives
and what i could take from each of them
to make myself a better person? at least a more exciting person.

so here is what i came up with:

McGrath side:

basically everything... hardworking, ability to fix EVERYTHING,
great parent, great spouse, patient, all around amazing

sense of humor, dedication to God

artistic abilities, gentle spirit

Uncle Randy
gardening skills, capability of raising 5 daughters! (i'm sure aunt annette helped a little)

Aunt Annette
patience (which i lack a great deal of), her beauty

Aunt Kathy
loving (she is definitely the most openly loving out of the 4 McGrath children which i greatly
appreciated while living there)
, never forgetting birthday cards :)

Aunt Robin
her strength, her hair, her laugh << oh wait i already have that

Williams side:

creativity, love, great wife, great mom, hardworking,
her laugh, (i'll pass on the allergies though, they aren't the most enjoyable gene i have)

patience, faithfulness, our love for taco bell :)

loving (she makes sure you always know how much she loves you), cooking skills
(she is the BEST cook i have ever met)

Uncle Randy

so, there it is.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

darling dewey

this past thursday was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day
it was sunny and warm
so dewey & i went out to enjoy the world
and to have a fabulous photo shoot

i'm not a great photographer and i don't really understand the high-tech digital cameras
(like the one my dad let me borrow - thanks dad!!)
so bear with me...

luckily, dewey is just so beautiful. so she made the pictures pretty beautiful as well.

there are just too many beautiful people and places.
so everyone should be out there taking pictures of them!
(as long as there is no stalking going on)