Friday, December 31, 2010


i told you i would post some pictures of dewey & her sisters...
here are just a few because i need to get ready to go!
i feel yuck... hopefully i can stay awake until midnight.
happy new years sweeties.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

blues sisters.

my cousins volunteered to be my models for a few hours the other day
so i could take pictures of some dresses that i need to put in my etsy shop.

here are my beautiful volunteers:

here are some dresses that should make it to etsy relatively soon:
{eek! i'm always slacking.}

gotta love dresses with pockets.

only hundreds of more dresses and other items left. ugh!
luckily tomorrow i have dewey & 4 of her 5 sisters coming in to my studio to be models for me.
hopefully we'll get a lot of items photographed.
and i'm hoping i can squeeze in some ultra fun shots even if they won't be used for etsy.
i'll share some shots tomorrow night!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

daily dose: letting go.

this dress was one of my favorite dresses that i had in my shop.
one of the ones that i was always torn between putting in my closet and putting it in the shop.

good news is:
it was bought as a Christmas gift for my step-auntie
so i can steal it whenever i need it!

either way... i had to take a few pictures wearing it before i could say goodbye!

it's a beauty right?!

Monday, December 27, 2010

diy: cards & creations

first is a little card that i put with fabienne's christmas present:

made from vintage children's books & drawing paper.

i love that, when it's closed, you can see the doll & her name through the paper:

and then i played around a little with framing
cut-outs from the vintage children's books & vintage fabrics:

don't worry, these didn't actually stay framed like this,
i was just trying to come up with ideas.
when they actually do get framed, it won't be in this frame
and they will be a little more interesting...
but i figured i would give you an idea of what i've been up to.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

diy: doily bibs.

i told you that i had loads of doilies to use
so, after making the doily necklace for myself {here}
i thought of making bibs for all the drool-y babies in my life.
here are a few examples:

{my fave}

gave this ^ to miss fabs for christmas.

what you need:
small, cute, vintage doily
ribbon, fabric, etc. for tie (i used double bias tape because i had tons)
vintage buttons
metal snaps
and some thread

go for it!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas.

McGrath Christmas:

we spent christmas eve:
-eating burgers & latkas & milkshakes at the pierce's
-going to our church candle lighting service. {always lovely}
-back to our house for pierce presents
this morning we woke up happy
and found that santa brought us goodies!
lincoln bought me a mini make-over kit!
{i don't know what he was implying}
but here he is showing off nails from the kit. ha!
and we got to snuggle with this sweet santa all day.
and linco-j got to snuggle with our beautiful aunt.
all the mcgraths came for christmas at our house this afternoon.
i didn't get pictures of the food...
but it was delicious! {and there are leftovers!}
then i spent the evening watching the boys play with their new train track
which now spans the entire living room
tiny brother watching the boys playing with their new trains too.
and he worked on soaking some building blocks.

i hope you all had an amazing Christmas!
don't forget to thank God for how much he has blessed you!

daily dose: a little more christmas.

green dress - my store {thrifted}
red belt - my store {thrifted}
tights - ?
silver flats - my store {thrifted}

the dress is actually a quarter-sleeve dress with a higher neck-line
but it is pretty much a kid-size dress... and i am not kid-size
so i zipped up as far as i could and wrapped the rest around behind me.

red jacket - my store {thirfted}

black dress - my store {thrifted}
silver belt - my store {thrifted}
tights - ?
black platforms - my store {thrifted}

right now it is 1:39 a.m. on Christmas morning!
i'm exhausted,
but i can't wait for tomorrow morning
to watch the hyper boys opening presents.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Friday, December 24, 2010

wrap-tastic: day 6.

inspired by sweetpaul. it didn't turn out so well though!

vintage button obsessed.

for miss fabienne joy.

vintage fabrics.

merry christmas eve!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

daily dose: jolly holly

the other day i tried on a bunch of different
christmas-ish dresses from my shop & took photos to share.

this dress was on sale for $5 at my last sale.
and no one bought it...
so, here it is:

vintage dress - my shop {didn't check label}
tights - ?
vintage shoes - my shop {didn't check brand on them either}