Tuesday, January 25, 2011

daily dose: guest photographer

it has been a full week since i did a "daily dose" outfit post...
{i know you've all missed it so much}
but, i'm making up for it because this week is special!
today i asked lincoln {4 years old} if he would be willing to take some pictures of my outfit.
he agreed.

check out his skill:

vintage oversize button-up jacket - stole it from my grandma
oversize cream quarter sleeve shirt - on sale for $3 in the plus size section @ wal-mart
vintage watch necklace - from my grandpa
gold chain - vintage thrifted
blue & white floral shorty shorts - vintage thrifted
white tights - ??
brown clogs - vintage thrifted


  1. i like ur outfit. and i must say the kid has skills!!


  2. Owww, I can imagine how excited the kid while taking these pictures ;) nice outfit too! :)