Sunday, January 23, 2011

thrifting: bowl full of goodness

i went to an estate sale yesterday for the first time in months!
{thanks megh for letting me know about the sale!}
i came home with a bowl-full of goodies! {all for $7.35}
check them out:

a sweet little tea pot - tea infuser.

a collection of vintage barrettes.

a floral bowl.

some cookie cutters.

this comb actually came from salvation army, but i love it, so i had to add it in.

a bunch of vintage glass bottle stoppers {this is my favorite one}

and last but not least. this little guy.
he is my FAVORITE!
no joke. i am in love!
as a kid i always put my gum on my bed side stand to save for the next day
my parents hated it! {i know it IS gross}
i guess they should have bought me one of these.

i also got a couple wallets and a few random items.
what a great thrifting morning! i am so anxious for spring sales to start.
or at least my favorite auction house to get rolling again {they said in february... eek!}

have a great Sunday, don't work too hard.


  1. I want that comb!!!
    How much?


  2. haa! the gum guard. adorable. and totally sick.

  3. Love that gum guard, so unique and cute! You found many lovely treasures! :)

  4. that bowl is AWESOME! and i love the pearl barrettes.

  5. thanks for following!

    cute stuff! are you listing the black bow barrettes? convo me on etsy if you do! c:

    cara . etsy