Monday, February 21, 2011

daily dose: bunny run.

today was a ridiculously productive day!
here is how it went:

i worked at habitat this morning 9-12
i went to my studio and did some work & took outfit photos
i went into church and did some quick volunteer work for the nursery
came home and updated my finance & inventory spreadsheets
{this hadn't been done thoroughly since last march!}
printed out and started working on income & sales tax filing
finished doing my etsy listings
made myself some dinner
updated chictopia
caught up on devotions
{i read 15 chapters in leviticus! so that was definitely an accomplishment}
worked on my new exciting project... :)
ate some oliver's chocolate {best chocolate ever}

did a daily dose post on the blog:

black top - old navy
black lace tank - vintage thrifted
black belt - vintage thrifted
blue bunny skirt - dollhouse {thrifted}
black&white floral leggings - wet seal
black flats - my shop
{i switched from my boots because they made me feel frumpy}

well... now i'm off to make a list of things that must be done tomorrow.
i've got to keep this productivity going!

good night!


  1. wow you were a busy lady! i wish i had the same motivation you do.

    that skirt is completely adorable! i've never seen anything like it ^_^ it looks great!

  2. You are so busy! And I love your outfit post. I adore your backdrop you made. I admire your gusto and commitment to your blog! I aspire to be that way with mine.


  3. ohhh leviticus. you always destroy my "bible-in-a-year" goals...

    vword, ironically: falingso. as in, i'm falingso at reading my bible in a year!

  4. "hey, you're wearing a bunny!"

    love that skirt!

    good work on levitiucs.