Friday, February 11, 2011

daily dose: plain jane purple.

just a plain purple dress with no accessories...
it's been quite an exciting day obviously.

dress, belt, boots - vintage thrifted
tights - ?

just a random thought: all i want lately is to go midnight sledding
but nobody will ever go with me!
i haven't gone sledding in years and i've just been feeling adventurous
{and i can never fall asleep at night}
send me some adventurous sledding friends, please!


  1. HA I'd go sledding with you in a heart beat!!! hahah.. Cute purple dress :D

  2. I love your purple dress! Great with tights for winter :) Also I want all of the hats you have hanging up in the background!

  3. I just checked out your blog after finding you on chictopia. Great dress, and I love all the clothes in the background. If that's your closet, you're super lucky!


  4. this is such a cute purple dress. i love the color!