Thursday, February 10, 2011

diy: paper garland & felt mobiles.

today i hung out in my sweats all day:
i watched the lion king with malacai
and made paper & felt garland & mobiles all afternoon
{i have been meaning to for months, but never got around to it.}
{also... i got inspired by this. i want to make those arrows sooo bad.}

here are a few:

^ stole some paint cards from lowes. cut them up and sewed them together.

i saw garland of little paper houses on etsy the other day
and i thought that it would be perfect for my office at habitat.
had bunches of felt and they were {pretty close to} the habitat colors,
so i made this little garland to hang above my desk when i go in tomorrow!

all of these paper cut-outs were ones that i had cut
with the intention of making garlands as christmas presents...

they're all made from pages from old children's books and just sewn together.

i made ones with little color schemes and some are boy/girl specific...
i love them.
if i had babies... these would be hung all over their nursery.
{instead, they'll just hang in my room. ha!}

and finally, just to be festive,
i made some valentine's day themed ones:

good night.


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm so happy you posted this - I am just getting everything ready for my boy's 1st bday and I was feeling intimidated by garland and banners (which I love) Think you just gave me the inspiration I needed!

    And those little circle kid book cut outs are oh so adorable.

    i made a heart garland out of envelopes. super fun for sticking a few conversation hearts in for the short people. or real chocolate for the mama. that garland is hung WAY higher, though.

  3. Wow! I love the paint card garland! What a fabulous idea!

  4. i love these! and i love the one hanging in my kitchen!!