Monday, February 7, 2011

moustache monday.

dewey & i went into rochester for the hearts & crafts event at java's on sunday after church
there were the cutest little vendors at the sale.

the best part was we got: FREE moustaches on sticks!
{the moustaches turned out to be hours of fun. literally - hours.}

just a random photo i had to share:
as we were walking, i spotted elvis peeking out from behind a post office drop box.
we looked in and found quite the collection of vhs... elvis, abs workout, unlabeled
it was so strange.
but we scooted right along and took pictures of our moustaches along the way.

these are the goodies i ended up buying at the craft show though:

two sweet floral hair bows - littlegreenbirdxo
{i couldn't find the other bow when i took these pictures}
and two mini vintage matchbook notebooks - buenahelena

the girl i bought the bows from is also the one that gave out free moustaches.
she pretty much gets the gold medal for the day.

at least my family thinks so:

nana & mully

lino-j & papa

what a great day!

here's a few other vendors that i liked that also have etsy shops
{and that i got their info. there were bunches of other great booths}

sarah g. ortiz
fawnray designs
the mad fawn


  1. Thanks for linking to my Etsy shop! :)

  2. Aww thanks for shouting out my matchbook notepads!Cute bows too!

  3. Ha- I just did a moustache post on my blog!!! These are adorable shots!