Sunday, February 13, 2011

valentine's day heart tarts.

my sweet cousin sarah came to stay with me last night.
we decided to bake a little valentine's snack to eat
while we soaked our feet and watched a movie.

i found this recipe online and decided to try it out:

i used my grandma's recipe for pie crust instead of buying pie crust like the recipe says.
so, it was a lot flakier. {and harder to frost}

they turned out pretty cute
but i thought they tasted terrible - i couldn't even finish one.
sarah really liked them though... oh well!

hopefully manda is proud of my baking skills!


  1. they look extra delicious on that plate!

  2. well, I think they look Delicious! So cute.

  3. yummy so cute!

  4. These are super cute. And I ate one. And I thought it was good. Lincoln only wanted the frosting.