Friday, April 15, 2011

daily dose: cuckoo clock style.

my cousin took these photos for me a few days ago - when it was MUCH warmer than it was today. we went for a walk at the park and it was so beautiful. i am so happy that warm weather is finally coming around {even if we have the occasional cold day like today}.

anyways... i am obsessed with this outfit. and it reminds me of the little men that dance around on old cuckoo clocks. probably just the suspenders and something about the hat. but... i just really like it.

vintage men's hat - thrifted
vintage plaid blouse - thrifted
vintage shorts - thrifted
vintage suspenders - thrifted
vintage avon owl brooch - thrifted @salvationarmy
vintage niagara falls charm bracelet - thrifted @ garage sale
vintage mustard socks - thrifted
chunky platform sandals - thrifted

everything thrifted... go me!


  1. i think this might be my favorite outfit that you have posted! i love everything about it especially all the details, the hat, socks & the suspenders are just perfect!

  2. LOVE the colors of this shirt.

  3. Love this outfit. The plaid shirt goes so well with the high waisted shorts!

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  4. i love this! definitely my favorite outfit!!!!!!!!!!! soooo cute!


  5. ooh, I just did a little gasp. you look perfect! and good job on the all-thrifted outfit... I haven't made it that far yet. I'm still scared of the shoe section at the thrift store... :(

  6. looking cute! i love your shirt and your owlie.

  7. I am totally loving this outfit! the plaid shirt and the suspenders are just such a wonderful combination. And the hat completes the look. Beautiful lady! xoxo

  8. super cute outfit! You look a little bit like Huckleberry Finn! And the book in the photos, seems that is the new accessory for photos :) Lookin good!


  9. Awww love the suspenders and that this outfit is all thrifted! Score!

    Cute blog!

  10. LOVE the sepia pic of you lying down on that little dock with the book - super cute! :)

  11. what??? I can't believe i missed out on this post. Its inspiringly awesome lady. The socks, suspenders and plaid. I'm in love. Seriously. You look so cute reading by the water.