Wednesday, April 13, 2011

daily dose: failed attempt

these photos are from a failed attempt at a photo shoot the other day.
it was just a terrible time of day for a photo shoot because it was so bright
i couldn't even keep my eyes open for any of the photos!

i wish we had got pictures of some of the details of this outfit.
because i loved them... but we just gave up and basked in the sun instead!

vintage crop top w/ bow - thrifted
vintage mini - thrifted
vintage shawl - thrifted @ estate sale
socks - thrifted
heels - charlotte russe
vintage watch - thrifted
bracelet - was my momma's


  1. i can still see the prettiness of the dress! & the location seems like it would be perfect for a shoot, i love that big brick wall! maybe try & shoot there again when it is less blindling bright outside :)

  2. I love this whole outfit!! will be following as soon as your follow box re-appears in my browser.


  3. You still look cute, I hate when days are pretty out but they don't translate in photos. But that dress looks great on you!

  4. Even though you weren't able to look straight ahead at the camera, I wouldn't call these pictures a failed photo shoot. I particularly like the last picture. I need to find a brick wall to shoot against, I love the way brick looks :)

    I love how most of the items are thrifted. I'm so jealous of people whose closets are full of unique thrift finds!

  5. What a pretty dress! It's so cute on you. Photoshoots can get tough when the sun is high. Cloudy days/shaded areas are best for photos. :)