Friday, April 8, 2011

daily dose: rockin' it.

black shirt - old navy
striped tank - h&m
vintage pink 80's high waist shorts - thrifted
white tights - goodwill
socks - thrifted
vintage black buckle boots - thrifted

i got asked on numerous occasions if those were my "real" legs today.
now, there might not be a big difference in the color of the tights and my natural skin tone
but wow! dang this white irish skin!


  1. hahahha! Those would be some ghostly legs!!! Adorable shots and I'm loving your scenery! Looks like a magazine photo shoot could easily take place in those rolling fields! :D Happy Saturday!

  2. love the silo pic! i would like to try on some skirts. i tried to email you, but it got returned. can we make a date??

  3. i was really gonna ask you if those were really your legs! lol
    love the setting and your stockings!

  4. um, whoa. you have some really white legs. and extremely smooth and flawless legs. ;)