Saturday, April 16, 2011

what she wears: steffys pros and cons.

i'm very excited to share my second guest blogger with you guys!
i am actually sponsoring her blog this month
and i just think that she is oh so lovely!

I am Steffy from Steffys Pros and Cons, a personal style blog with a vintage focus, and I am so excited to be here posting on Caitlin's blog! This is an outfit that I put together at my friend Sara's house when we were taking outfit pictures. I thought it matched the sunny day perfectly with it's floral patterns and pink tones (although I must say, the sweater was a bit too hot for the day!) The skirt is my go-to skirt because I think it looks fabulous with anything, and it is short but not too short. The shoes are also some of my favorites, but I wore them to Ultra Music Festival and they got a little bit dirty which makes me sad! I try to save these tights for special occasions such as this one, because if they are paired with the wrong outfit they could make something good go so so wrong!

what she's wearing:

skirt, top, vest, & shoes - thrifted
necklace & tights - forever 21

thank you so much Steffy!!

check out my outfit over on her blog


  1. Yay for Steffy! I adore your shoes and tights! So lovely and girly!

  2. Love steffy and this outfit! The print on those tights is so great and goes really well with those red shoes.

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  3. super cute outfit!!!! i love those tights!


  4. I love her outfits :)
    Now I follow you too ;)

  5. i follow both your blogs how fun too see these guest posts! i just recently started following steffy's blog and I love love love it :)

  6. i love her blog as well! she puts on such sweet looks!

  7. best choice for sponsoring - ever!!! I adore her blog and her style!! lovely choice.