Monday, April 11, 2011

what she wears: the violet reaction

i am so very excited to start my new guest post series!
every now and then i will find some other lovely bloggers
to take over my blog for the day - so you all get a chance to see
some other stylish ladies that you may not have already.

here is the first!

My name is Leanna and I like to pretend that everyone is intensely interested in what I wear everyday, so I post outfits on my blog, The Violet Reaction. I also like to post about Etsy stuff (I have a shop there, also called VioletReaction), music I like, and things I find inspiring. In the past year I've taken up thrift shopping to save money, and though the results tend to make my mom cringe, I like to think I look at least semi-presentable. I'm quite the skirt-addict, though I do appreciate a good pair of shorts (like today), or jeans on occasion. Anyways, thanks Caitlin for letting me crash your page!

what she's wearing:

Cardigan - Target
Tank Top - Forever21
Shorts - Old Navy, altered... they were jeans but last night I just chopped them off to make shorts :)
Belt - Thrifted from St. Vincent dePaul
Purse - Forever21
Tights - Kohls
Shoes - John Fluevog in Seattle
Mustard Rose Pin - Brydferth on Etsy
Rings & Earrings - Handmade by me

isn't she great?!
thanks so much Leanna!
{don't forget to pop on over and check out her blog}