Tuesday, May 31, 2011

daily dose: conductor style.

{my sweet older brother^.}

needless to say, the lake was beautiful and relaxing this weekend.
i got to play volleyball and get a rosey red face, spent too much time
throwing rocks in the water {plunking}, watch a lightning storm over the
lake with some amazing friends, eat some of my grandma's famous fried pancakes,
spend some time taking pictures & chatting with my big brother.
{we found broken glasses washed up on shore... just to explain the photo}

ugh... i miss the lake already! today it was back to work though...
and i'm already having car trouble again! so my car is stranded in a parking lot.
luckily i have the greatest friend in the world and she's letting me borrow her car.

floral crop top - thrifted
big mac overalls - thrifted @ garage sale for $0.50
toms - thrifted @ salvation army
simple as that.

question for any of you out there that have/had an etsy shop:
do you think it's best to sell primarily on etsy?
or has something else worked better for you?
ebay, setting up your own merchant site, etc...?
i would love to hear your thoughts!

i'm going thrifting with a friend tomorrow... i'm hoping he lets me pick out a bunch of stuff for him to try on. and maybe i can find a few cute & cheap things for myself while i'm out!

goodnight. xo.


  1. looks so fun, what an amazing place! good luck for when you go thrifting.



  2. overalls look so cute on you!

  3. Great photos, love the striped overalls
    Live Life in Style