Friday, May 20, 2011

daily dose: i hear the trains.

there are so many trains!
you don't realize how often they go by until you live close enough
that can feel them shake your entire apartment. haha. {it's not that bad!}
i've heard at least 5 go by since i sat down to write a few posts
and edit some other photos that have been waiting for my attention.
geez louise!

navy school uniform - thrifted @ salvation army
vintage knit top - estate sale i think...?
brown tank - thrifted @ salvation army
floral belt - thrifted {stole from my shop}
cuckoo clock brooch - thrifted @ salvation army
vintage pocketwatch necklace - from my gramps
{yes, this is my favorite necklace - i wear it with everything}

also... that picture hanging above my bed is my favorite.
i fell in love with it at a garage sale and the guy gave it to me for half off!


  1. what a great little bed room & a fabulous little outfit! i think living close to trains would make me a little crazy!


  2. oh my word, i love this! that top is perfect and I love the way you layered and styled it. :) plus, your pictures are the best ever... i always love to see what you come up with. :)