Wednesday, May 18, 2011

daily dose: one hundred.

i now have 100 followers! what an exciting day!
{i'll have to celebrate with a give-away!}
thank you all so much for all your support & comments & e-mails.
you make me smile every day!

shirt - thrifted
vintage wrap-around floral skirt - from mimi {my step-grammy}
black wedges - i actually don't remember {thrifted or charlotte russe}
pocket watch necklace - from my grandpa
ring - thrifted @ flea market

i've been working quite a bit lately... so i've been slacking on posts.
i'm sorry!
levi's 1st birthday party on sunday was lovely {i'll have to share a few photos from that tomorrow}
on tuesday i had the bible study girls over and
i hosted my first little dinner as a hostess at the apartment.
i even got to wear one of my sweet vintage aprons to cook in. so fun!

dewey brought me over delicious cookies & lucky charms {she knows me too well}
and her mom bought me some beautiful flowers.
they are so uber sweet to me.

i'm hoping to stop at a church rummage sale tomorrow near the church i work at.
{the pastor at the church told me there are a lot of grandma's attic items,
like super old school style - hopefully he was right!}
i'll let you know if i find anything amazing!

good night. xo.


  1. Such a cute skirt! Can't wait to see what you find at the church! XX

  2. yay for the hundred followers! cutest skirt!

  3. great outfit as always! i love how you never fail to work a completely thrifted or gifted outfit :)

    oh & congrats on reaching 100!!