Monday, May 23, 2011

dandy dandelions.

so, this weekend was an amazing weekend. and last night was a great way to end it
frolicking through fields by my cousins house.

unfortunately i was awake all night with a fever
and have been puking all morning.
i hate being sick! i feel a little better now, but my whole body aches.

i guess it's a good day to lay in bed
and catch up on some shows on hulu.

i hope you all had a great weekend!

vintage linen button-up - thrifted
vintage necklace - thrifted
lace tank - rue 21?
vintage striped skirt - thrifted & altered {from rummage sale}
chunky white heels - from a teacher @ the high school i went to


  1. OK, so these are probably the most stunning pics you've ever had on here Caitlin... you seriously get better and better with every post! :) That's an adorable skirt.

    Feel better soon!

  2. Hey you, I looked for your email but didnt see it. I know sometimes you have guest posts on your blog.. would you be interested in each doing one for each other? let me know what you think.
    xo j (

  3. sorry your not feeling well :(

    those photos are just lovely though! get better soon!


  4. oh my gosh, those dandelions!!! so gorgeous. these photos are magical and you look so pretty!