Thursday, May 19, 2011

a few cute things.

here are some goodies i bought at the rummage sale today.
{i cashed my income tax refund - a whopping $33 - and decided to let myself go shopping!}

i bought these jars to attempt to make some mini terrariums
and i've been in need of some colorful accents around the apartment
and i found this owl glass & a jar with a cute little wire holder. perfect.

i also picked up some clothes at the sale: a skirt, a pair of shorts,
a cozy over-sized sweater, a lace top, and a swimsuit.

and i got two pairs of shoes - the ones in the picture
and a sweet pair of vintage reebok sneakers

i forgot to post last weekend about my garbage picking adventures!
it was spring cleaning weekend in the town where my apartment is
so basically you can throw anything out by the curb and the garbage
people will pick it up. and people really do throw everything out by the curb.

luckily, i was raised to get right in with the garbage to find some treasures.
dad & mom used to garbage pick with zac & i all the time.
i remember being mortified that my friends would see us.
now i just have no shame. haha!

this year i got two chairs {the white one above is one of them}, a bunch of old books,
some vintage clothes, a kid's rocking chair, a wicker basket,
and a vintage doll cradle.

all for free. how much better can it get?!


  1. ohh...the owl jar. fantastic.

  2. I love that owl jar!

    I once stood on the side of a road for 30mins waiting for my friend to come with his station wagon so I could take a chair home that someone had put out as trash... it was such an awesome chair.. I was so sad I had to leave it behind..

    Free is definitely my favourite price!