Monday, May 23, 2011

let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

i put my cousin's hair extensions in last night.
it made me so excited to keep growing my hair out!!

i want a set of extensions for my birthday now
so i can wear them all the time!!

what do you think?!

p.s. - i finally ate a couple crackers & drank some gatorade
i still feel really weak and sick... hopefully by tomorrow morning
i'll be back to normal again.

good night. xo.


  1. If you follow my blog and comment saying you did, I'll follow yours back!


  2. this REALLY looks like your real hair! i had to go back through your posts and make sure your hair was shorter. unless this is your real hair?? see you really have me fooled... either way it looks fabulous. i am all about the long hair!


  3. looks so natural and pretty! I hope you feel better soon! <3

  4. ooh, I love it! i can see why you're anxious for yours to grow. :)

  5. wait, who has brown hair extensions??

    it looks so cute! don't you wish we were those dolls that had the button you could push and your hair would grow?!