Friday, May 20, 2011

ONE little sailor.

sweet baby levi turns 1
{okay... to be honest i'm not sure if his actual birthday
was the 19th, 20th, or 21st... i know, i'm a terrible sister!}
but his party was this past weekend. and it was nautical themed!

kissing a little sailor boy.

we all got some sweet tatts...
{that hurt so badly to try to scrub off before work the next day}
and, of course, there was amazing food.
and a cake with the best icing ever!
little weebs even got his own mini cake

more details & pictures of the party should be coming up HERE soon.

{p.s. i put this post up on a timer but really i am up at the lake
all weekend with no phone or computer on a weekend retreat
with my bible study girls. we're hoping for a few nights with
no rain so we can have some bonfires & lay under the stars}

hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. you're supposed to use rubbing alcohol to get the tatt off! works a lot easier.

    eek...need to get posting...