Thursday, May 26, 2011

plain indoor jane.

tonight i coached my friends soccer team because she was out of town
it's a three & four year old league. and the kids are absolutely hilarious to watch.
after our game there was a crazy storm and i got to go to my dad's house
and watch the thunderstorm with malacai & lincoln & our cousin, sarah.
the boys were so excited about the lightning and thunder.
i miss hanging out with them every day.

my little 7 month old cousin, fabienne, had surgery on her heart today.
i praise God that the surgery went well
and i can't wait to kiss that sweet little lady again!
keep her family in your thoughts & prayers through her recovery.

floral dress - h&m
rice name necklace - gift from mexico from a friend
black beaded necklace - thrifted
heels - charlotte russe
{sorry for the lame-o pictures, i didn't have much time today!}

i'm about to start packing for another weekend at the lake.
i couldn't be happier!
i'm hoping to have some time to sneak in a few posts while i'm there!
{if i don't... don't miss me too much (:}

goodnight. xo.


  1. lovely dress, & i love your new banner!!


  2. Very pretty dress! I love thunder storms, yours sounds like it was lovely! I'll be keeping you little cousin in prayer. -^_^-

  3. These aren't lame-o pics! haha. :) Love the dress.