Sunday, May 15, 2011

self portraits.

yesterday was the first day since i moved into the apartment
that i had an entire day without any work/plans.

so i cleaned and relaxed and then decided to take some self portraits
because i haven't in a long time.

so here are a few:

well, now that it looks like i'm completely obsessed with myself... {i promise i'm not}
i guess i'll call it a day.

off to pick out an outfit for my littlest brother's nautical themed b-day party!
he's turning 1! sweet little bubs.


  1. love your photos!
    wish i had photos like that of me through my late teens/early 20's..

    have fun at the party!

  2. i love love this! what beautiful photos and talented photoshopping! my favorite is the one of you on the couch, definitely featuring you on my favorites this week!


  3. This is great photography. Love them so much:) And I want a couch just like that!! I have dreams of having a large dressing room with a cute couch just like that!

  4. The pics are awesome!

  5. a) you are gorgeous.
    b) I LOVE that couch.
    c) these are seriously like the most freaking awesome pictures ever. you're so stinking talented! :)