Thursday, July 14, 2011

daily dose: blueberries.

one of the days during my vacation up at the lake,
we mosied up to the blueberry patch and picked a bunch.
we waited until it was later in the afternoon in hopes that it would cool down a bit,
but it was still extremely hot! luckily, i brought my fan with me.
{from my oriental-decorated room from when i lived & worked up at the cottage the summers of 10th & 11th grade}
the blueberries were delicious and it was exciting to go to that patch again
because i hadn't been there in years!

shirt - vintage thrifted
skirt - altered vintage thrifted
suspenders - vintage thrifted
sandals - journey's
sunnies - vintage thrifted
ring - thrifted


  1. awe that looks like such a fun little time :) i love love your outfit, i really enjoy the mixing of patterns!


  2. just love that plaid shirt.

  3. gorgeous photos! I'm going raspberry picking this weekend, so excited!

  4. love these photos in the blueberry patch. don't you wish we had these places closer to the house?
    let's plant an orchard....