Monday, July 11, 2011

daily dose: orchards.

this shoot was taken in an apple orchard right next to the camp grounds
i've wanted to do an outfit post there for a while, so i'm glad i finally got to!

shirt - forever 21 or old navy? {i've had it for a long time and i don't feel like checking}
vintage christian dior skirt- thrifted
tank - g&g rave
vintage leather braided belt - thrifted
basket - gram's

my last few days of vacation were so full of adventures that i didn't have anytime to do posts!
so i have a lot of catch-up to do. and LOADS of photos to post.
overall it was an amazing vacation. i'm so thankful for rest.

today was my first day back.
it's kinda sad to be back to the working world
but i got flowers and chocolate from one of the ladies i work with this morning
and my boss at my other job picked flowers from her garden for me this afternoon.
so it made it easier to come back to my little offices.

off to look through some photos from this weekend...
more posts to come tonight or tomorrow!


  1. i ADORE this outfit. it's my top favorites

  2. I am loving these beautiful photos of you in the orchard. The skirt is spectacular!! And you must have a great working relationship!! When I get back from vacation all I get is a stack of paper work! :)

  3. Lovely photos!I really love the black and white ones :)