Tuesday, August 16, 2011

daily dose: denim works

took these photos at my office today.
i love the huge windows & the mustard-y walls.

vintage denim dress - thrifted @ estate sale
vintage owl brooch - thrifted {one of his eyes popped out today!}
vintage belt - thrifted
vintage patterned tank - thrifted
nine west heels - thrifted

i've been busy working on stuff for a major shop update.
i was up all night ironing kids clothes - and i've got a lot of mending to do.
i've got a few shop photo shoots coming up and i'm busy planning for those.
{hopefully tonight's shoot goes well!}
& hopefully i'll be able to keep up with my outfit posts in the meantime.


  1. ooh, I love your office, too! I think I love your shoes more, though. :)

  2. your office is so clean!
    I love this wee denim dress lady. so cute and simple

  3. love the office, i am kind of in love with mustard so i might be biased. excited to see your shop updates!

    oh and lovely outfit as always :)



  4. Your outfit suits perfectly the atmosphere of your office! :) So cute! The owl and the pumps are a great catch!

  5. The colour of the room makes the room feel so warm and gives like a vintage feel perfect for your look!! Lovely combo and wonderful shoes! xx

  6. Love that dress. And your pirate-eye owlie. And that mug. Do you pretend to drink coffee? ;)

  7. Adorable dress, too cute photos.
    Also love the bath tub photos in your last post too. New admirer right here!