Friday, September 23, 2011

calista miakoda fall 2011 lookbook.

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

And in honor of the first day of fall, it's finally here....
CalistaMiakoda Fall 2011 LookBook!

which is to promote the launch of MY NEW WEBSITE!! eek!

the website will have a lot of changes made over the next few weeks,
and many more items added.
i just didn't want to wait any longer for the launch!

it's been loads of work...
but i'm looking forward to the winter & spring lookbooks already!

check out the new lookbook & website
& i would love to hear any feedback!


  1. i love it!! your look book is amazing, what a fabulous job! i've barely started working on my new shop, and looking at yours makes me excited!

    i would love it if i could feature some of your new shop and new lookbook on my blog, email me if you are interested :)

    best of luck!



  2. yay!! so exciting! the lookbook is amazing! you did such a great job! love the look of your new store site.

  3. amazing!!!!! so proud of you - you should be a designer! you have such clear inspiration! congrats!