Sunday, September 25, 2011

fall fashion week: day 2

sunflower sunday.

i'm glad my cousin came over last night and snapped some outfit photos for me
because it looks like my actual outfit for today will be jammies.
laying in bed feeling cruddy...
skipped church, so i'm making myself some tea and
watching one of the sermons online that i missed this summer.
then i plan on working on blog stuff in between naps for the rest of the day.

i bought this dress recently from an estate that contacted me
about a bunch of vintage clothes they had.
this sunflower gem is from the 1930's
i love how much more detailed and tailored everything was.

sunflower dress - vintage thrifted {estate sale}
thigh high tights - ??
boots - vintage thrifted
purse - vintage thrifted
frizzy hair - mcgrath hair

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  1. That dress is amazing! What a great find. And the light in those pictures is perfect.

  2. Oh my goodness! This is lovely!! I love everything about your outfit! They all go so perfectly well!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Your dress has such personality! The whole look is so lovely and ladylike.

  4. wow!! i have never seen a dress like this before... I LOVE IT!!

  5. What a fabulous dress!!! You are beautiful.

  6. the dress and boots are amazing! I would never have picked it up off the rack, they look adorable on you!

  7. I think I used to have a smaller version of that dress when I was little! Love it! That outfit and your pictures are amazing!

  8. That dress reminds me of a favorite I had growing up, you pull this off perfectly!

  9. the fit of that dress is incredible. i'll always LOVE 1930s stylings -- just like you said, the tailoring is so good!

  10. Holy cannoli! That dress. These photos. This whole post is pure eye candy. Just plain beautiful, girl.
    Feel better soon.

  11. lovely. haa - frizzy hair!! love it! did the boys get you sick?! poor caitie. we had to skip church too because of some sick-o's.
    {also - i love the girl that commented above and said "holy cannoli"...i say that all the time! love it.}

  12. I don't know if we are supposed to pick favorites...but I love this dress so much! And the boots with it?! LOVE.

  13. LOVE! That dress is amazing. Great shoes, too!

  14. Ohh! you are fellow thrifter and I would totally have worn this whole outfit!!! Loving the pics too!

    Thrifters Anonymous Monday Link Up

  15. oh my! there's so much to love about this outfit! the sunflowers and yellow... so lovely.

  16. Goodness gracious! That may be one of the most unique (and beautiful) dresses I have EVER seen! You look fabulous.