Monday, September 26, 2011

fall fashion week: day 3

{warning: i am in serious need of some hair dye. eek!}

i'm too awkward looking sometimes. ha!
dress, bow, belt, boots, socks, & rings - all vintage thrifted

so, yesterday was the first day that i had NOTHING planned all day
for the first time in months! and i did not let my sickness get in the way!
i got loads of sleep in the morning and then i was still feeling crummy
so i made myself get up and:
clean my room,
vacuum the apartment,
do all the dishes,
thoroughly clean the bathroom,
sweep and mop kitchen & bathroom,
sweep the stairs that come up to our apartment,
clean my closet,
make myself some yummy lunch,
work on blog stuff,
book our rental car for our road trip {in 10 days! eep!}
{if anyone knows of anything exciting to do/places to visit in minneapolis... let me know!}

at the end of the day i felt much better,
and this morning i'm feeling even better.
hopefully i worked away the sickness!

join in!!


  1. I think I have a new blog crush :x !! Another crazy cute little outfit! When I visit the states in December I am going to have to thrift my little fingers off, I miss it so much!

  2. What a unique outfit! I love the print of the dress and the little bowtie and socks are a great colour addition. And those boots! AMAZING!

  3. i love this entire ensemble! and you lady, are adorable.

  4. What a great color combo. You look adorable.

  5. Hands down, the best outfit I've seen yet. I love everything about it.

  6. so so amazing!! the socks take it too the moon. and... you are one foxy lady. hehe.

  7. Your little necktie is so cute. I love the touch of mustard with black and white. And in the first pic, your hair looks like it's ombre style.

  8. I love this look and color pallet, very cool.

  9. That is a beautiful dress! It suits you well.

  10. You hair looks great! You have some of the best outfits! I love those booties with the yellow socks! Super cute!

  11. These pictures are so fantastic. What a wonderful way to showcase what is obviously a killer outfit.

  12. I'm really liking that mustard color with the black and white!

  13. Your outfits are just STUNNING each and every day and the photography does it justice!

  14. that's a fun dress. and it's really looking like mustard is the accent color of the week. =)

  15. This is such a great dress! You style all your outfits so well. I'm totally loving "fall fashion week"!

  16. I like the cute polka dot dress with chunky boots. It's such a fun, funky combo. And you're a beautiful model.

  17. hello alice. {the maid from brady brunch}. i love these photos. i like the button for your lookbook.

  18. Oh, cute mustard bow <3

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