Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10 on 10.

technically it's 10 on 11 since i'm posting this a little late at night...
but i'm doing it because they {m & m} do it, and it makes me blog a little while i'm gone.

here is my day in photos:
1. cheerios for breakfast.
2. went 5 minutes down the road to shop at the mall of america.
3. found shelves full of $6.99 heels!
4. bought a new bra at victoria's secret. {first one i've bought in FOREVER.}
{thankfully not modeling the bra... but i'm in the pink padded dressing room!}

5. tori got her third holes pierced.
6. i found a shirt i loved at forever21.
7. went to some super sales at urban outfitters!

8. met up with some sweet pals from college.
9. went to cowboys slims for dinner.
i got a buffalo chicken wrap and
we all split these amazing donuts for dessert.
10. came back and hung out with the family!


  1. yay - you did 10 on 10!! i want 6.99 heels!!!!

  2. ..now i want cheerios!
    ..and 6.99 heels!
    ..i was hoping to see the new bra...
    ..pretty picture of tori.
    ..did you straighten your hair? cute.
    ..way to go 10 on 11.

  3. All those heels!!! I wonder if that sale is going on online? Hmmm.. And it looks like you pampered yourself very well!!