Saturday, October 1, 2011

fall fashion week: day 7

technically i'm a little too late for day 7,
but i'm still awake so it still counts!
i have been going nonstop since 6:30 this morning.
my feet are exhausted!
i tried to snap a couple photos before work...
they're nothing special, but at least i can say i did my week of outfits!!

denim jumper dress - vintage thrifted
gray oversized cardigan - newly thrifted
{just got it on wednesday and i already can tell i'm going to be living in this, this fall/winter}
floral tights - f21 {a few years ago i believe}
strappy heels - vintage thrifted
belt - thrifted
brooch - vintage thrifted

have a great weekend!
thank you emery for hosting this amazing fall fashion week!



  1. great vintage look, nice blog:)

  2. cuteness. i love that little dress. and that sweater. i have such a thing for old sweaters. i have to make myself not buy them because i could overflow my closet with them.

  3. Loved your interview on Pretty Little Vintage, very inspiring.. how did you manage to open your own independent online store??