Wednesday, November 30, 2011

boys i'm thankful for.

(excuse my late thanksgiving post)

i spent my thanksgiving with a little stomach bug (that lasted for a week!)
so i didn't eat as much as i would have liked, but at least i could eat some!
after dinner we went for a walk at sunset (because it has been in the 50's in ny in late november?!)
then came back inside and sat in front of the fire.
{i need a woodstove in whatever house i buy someday}

here are a few shots of some of my boys from thanksgiving

baby brother, levi. dad. big brother, zac.
(missing: little brothers lincoln & malacai... they were upstairs playing all day, so i got no pictures of them)

i'm thankful for all the love & sweetness these guys bring to my life.


  1. i love little levi's lips in that photo - making the tractor sound.

    love how these photos look.