Tuesday, November 1, 2011


what i wore:

lace top: gift, forever21
lace dress: vintage thrifted
orange tights: thrifted
scarf {belt}: vintage thrifted
vintage heels: gift from manda

this is one of the only years that i haven't worn an actual halloween costume.
i got so busy lately and never got around to planning one out...
at least i wore some halloween colors!

once i got out of work, i went to a party with some family friends to celebrate.
i made some treats the night before to bring to the party:
candy corn rice krispie treats!

me, a blurry lumberjack levi, and a lumberjack dad.

me & linc with some treats!

hahahaha. crazy levi.
we walked around while the boys went trick-or-treating.
they were adorable.

lumberjack malacai.

hope you all had a great halloween!!


  1. Your outfit is just LOVELY. I am such a sucker for lace, and this ensemble incorporates my love for lace and black. And how cute is lumberjack Malacai!? So made my day :-)

  2. i LOVE the faux baby beard. :)

    my husband was a lumberjack as well!

  3. your outfit is so pretty! Perfect for halloween. The little guys are too cute as lumberjacks!

  4. wow, that is a lovely dress! The top and the dress are a great combination.

    I think little boy lumberjacks are too cute. :)