Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a new camera bag.

i was at goodwill the other day and i picked up a gorgeous vintage american tourist bag.
i'm planning on making this beauty into my new camera bag because my camera stuff
has outgrown the little bag it was in. plus this is much cuter!

tommy hilfiger stripe top - thrifted
rust dress - forever 21
brown tights - gift
booties - from a serious hoarder house
bag - thrifted, american tourist
thanks to my cousin, tori, for taking lots of pictures for me!

thinking: i need to do something new with my hair.
i want a new tattoo.
i need to work on the winter lookbook, but i need snow and a specific building...
i need more hours in my day.


  1. love this bag! and i love the woods scenery :)

    i want a new tattoo too!



  2. i love vintage suitcases (esp when they're the best color--yellow!) and all of the colors here are so wonderful and autumnal!

  3. You always have super cute looks and photos! love both things in your blog :) x

  4. GORGEOUS shots- especially that swing one! The colors are fantastic and nice score on the camera bag!

  5. those booties are amazing - i NEED some. and that bag - AMAZING!! such a great find. i've been looking for little bags for my camera on my thrifting trips. i just need a little one though - since i'm not big-time like you. :)