Wednesday, November 16, 2011

shop update.

i've been working a lot this month on taking pictures to update the shop
so that i can start advertising a full shop in december...

the past couple weeks i've been working on clothes for the little ladies:

one of the models really wanted to collect the cabbage leaves that were
near the barn that we were taking pictures in front of...
i told her i would only let her collect them if she wore them as a hat
(thinking that she wouldn't want to)... she did. ha.
and i'm going to use them for the shop pictures anyways. it's cute right?

i also used her little sister to model some of the smaller clothes.
i put her in one dress and she said, "i don't really like this one."
i told her it was fine, we'd just take a couple pictures really quick
and then put a different one on.
so she walked over, stood in front of the wall, and said,
"you're torturing my cuteness."
ha! i almost died.

anyways... hopefully all the new kids items will be up by saturday night!
watch for the additions.


  1. I wish you all the best with your shop these are very cute!x

  2. love them!!!!

    Hey, i'm hosting a recipe exchange on my blog for Thanksgiving! Would love for you to join in the fun!