Friday, December 23, 2011

eleven pipers piping.

on the eleventh day of christmas, my true love gave to me...
eleven pipers piping.

vintage dress - soon to be for sale at mooies
rings, belt, top, boots - vintage thrifted
{did you notice the picture of the 1925 picnic... those clothes! so stinkin' cute.}

photography - justin michau photography

well, i finally got to work on some christmas projects last night!
and i am really loving how a few of them have turned out.
{hopefully i'll be able to share a few photos of the projects next week!}
i can't believe christmas is in two days!! eek!

i hope you all have some exciting stuff planned for this weekend!


  1. I want to be wearing this outfit right now.

  2. love the outfit.

    lol - not your typical interpretation of pipers, but i love it!

  3. so cute! where's the pipe from? where's the pic of you smoking the pipe? ;) haa - that would have been amazing!

  4. These are such lovely, lovely photos. What a holiday dream!

  5. These photos are beautiful. You are a wonderful fashion blogger, and I can't wait to see your next post! I'm a new follower (:

    Happy holidays!

    Tami at