Saturday, December 24, 2011

twelve drummers drumming.

on the twelfth day of christmas, my true love gave to me...
twelve drummers drumming.

boots, shirt, shorts, & suspenders - all vintage thrifted

so here is a little story about this outfit...
after we shot these photos, i ended up wearing this all day.
... i've been wearing vintage clothes regularly for about 9 years
and i'm extremely used to people thinking that it's weird & ugly.
{kids in middle school can be brutal. salvation army was for gross poor people ;) }
but in all my years of wearing vintage outfits,
i have never had as many comments / staring / people laughing at me
as i did in this outfit.
which is bizarre to me... because i've worn way wilder stuff than this.

i was christmas shopping after work and one of the worker ladies said,
"ohh, hunny did you just come from dance? or a play?"
me: "nope, this is just how i dress."
lady: "interesting."

at the next store {salvation army!} the guy at the counter was like,
"so, is this for a special occasion or is this just how you dress?"
come on buddy, judging by the pile of whack clothes i'm buying,
it's probably safe to assume this is just how i dress.

every single store i stopped at someone asked me what the deal was.
and the boys working at taco bell were pointing and laughing. haha. for real!
{i find it hard to believe that i'm the craziest dressed person that eats at taco bell...?}

but, i've grown used to it over the years with comments like,
"oh my goodness, my grandma has the most hideous collection of dresses!...
cait, it might be something you'd be interested in." ha! {i'll take 'em!}
oh, joy.

thanks for staying tuned for this mini series!
it's actually quite sad that it's over.
a million thank-you's to justin for all his help the past couple weeks.
go show him some love & check out his lovely work: facebook, twitter, blog

merry christmas eve sweeties!
off to finish wrapping & start celebrating!


  1. You know what honey! Im loving all your sets of photos they just get better and better! The styling of this one at the ones above is truly amazing! So for people that makes a joke or think your dress like a grandma or interestig?! I say: F them! haha at least you have personality and style (That is what I love about London you can dress as you like an no one cares!) I love how you dress so never change :) Happy Xmas. xx

  2. I'll say it once, I'll say it a thousand times: this series has been nothing but stunning. I've enjoyed every picture - you and Justin make a fantastic team!

    Those boots are killer. And really? THIS is the outfit you got the most comments for? It's rather tame... the whole tights and shorts thing is really "in" right now, my sister wore it the other day. (That's how I know if things are in, because my sister keeps up on stuff like that.) I think you look sweet and not odd at all!

  3. These pictures from your whole serious have been amazing! I get excited to check everyday and see your amazing outfits.
    Also I can't believe how rude people can be! You look adorable and I love this outfit!

  4. I can't believe THIS is the outfit that people noticed the most. Maybe they know you don't usually wear bright colors and were confused.

    I take it as a very high compliment when teens and mall workers (taco bell types) laugh at my clothes.

    You nailed it. Congratulations.

    P.S. Seriously, I loved this series.

  5. ha! good ole genesee county. and perhaps you should eat at that taco place instead of tb...i think taco joe would like your outfit. ;)

  6. congrats to you and justin on a STELLAR series! that was so much fun to read/see. also, don't give those judgersons a second thought. you'd fit right in here in williamsburg. soon, they'll be buying diluted versions of your original looks!