Saturday, December 31, 2011

twenty eleven. favorites.

i must have saved all my pictures as extremely tiny files at the beginning of last year.
oops! but you get the idea from these little pictures.

{i didn't include any outfits from nov. or dec. because i figured that was too recent.}

of these 16 outfits:
12 had some type of floral pattern on it. haha.
i also noticed that i loved almost every outfit that i wore suspenders with.
and i barely picked any outfits that were dresses...
lots of skirts and shorts. very interesting.

and there you have it.

see you next year.
be safe tonight.


  1. what a great collection! u always take the most amazing photos in the best locations! u inspire me to be more creative with my photo taking :) happy new year!



  2. All of your photos are great! They have their own feel. But I love the last one in the bath. Love the bath it looks so vintage :) Happy new year!x

  3. I want your bicycle necklace!! So cute! I only just found your blog and really love your simple boho style!

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  4. So much to love about these outfits and pictures. I could comment about each one, but suffice to say I especially love the summer ones, with breezy dresses, and dirt roads, and green leaves and sitting on a tv...? :)

    Happy New Year!

  5. Lovely pictures and outfits, I like the floral ones the most :)