Monday, February 28, 2011

daily dose: clogs.

vintage white blouse - thrifted
vintage people patterned tank - thrifted
vintage pocket-watch necklace - gift
bicycle necklace - forever 21, gift
vintage rhinestone watch - thrifted
vintage braided leather belt - thrifted
american eagle high waist jeans - thrifted
l. l. bean clogs - thrifted
{so - pretty much my whole outfit is thrifted}

i just lost another auction on ebay that i really wanted. ugh!
off to a real auction tonight...
hopefully tomorrow i'll be posting pictures of my great buys!

don't forget to enter the give-away!
all you have to do is answer a question - and you could get a bunch of free stuff!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


help, please!
i am making an ad for my blog.

which one would you be most likely to click on:

leave a little comment with your choice
please &
thank you!

Friday, February 25, 2011

daily dose: floral squeeze

vintage black & blue floral dress - thrifted
maroon corset - wal-mart
vintage belt - thrifted
stockings - ??
black chunky heels - vintage thrifted {my shop}

don't forget to enter in my give-away!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

give-away: nautical lovin.

i know i've slacked this past week on posting...
so i'm making it up to you!

with my second give-away!!

and, since i'm aching for warm weather,
i thought a nautical-style give-away would be oh-so appropriate.

here you go:

included in give-away:
vintage navy button-up top {med.}
vintage white & gold evening bag
vintage 3-pc blue & gold necklace set
navy earrings {they aren't vintage, but they remind me of seashells... so i figured they fit}

to enter:
-leave a comment telling me what you love most about summer
{because i'm getting so antsy for it to arrive}

extra entries {leave a separate comment per entry}:
-become a new follower of my blog :)
-become a fan on facebook

-leave your e-mail address with at least one of your entries
-open to readers worldwide!
-winner will be chosen at random on 3/2/11

good luck!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

daily dose: bunny run.

today was a ridiculously productive day!
here is how it went:

i worked at habitat this morning 9-12
i went to my studio and did some work & took outfit photos
i went into church and did some quick volunteer work for the nursery
came home and updated my finance & inventory spreadsheets
{this hadn't been done thoroughly since last march!}
printed out and started working on income & sales tax filing
finished doing my etsy listings
made myself some dinner
updated chictopia
caught up on devotions
{i read 15 chapters in leviticus! so that was definitely an accomplishment}
worked on my new exciting project... :)
ate some oliver's chocolate {best chocolate ever}

did a daily dose post on the blog:

black top - old navy
black lace tank - vintage thrifted
black belt - vintage thrifted
blue bunny skirt - dollhouse {thrifted}
black&white floral leggings - wet seal
black flats - my shop
{i switched from my boots because they made me feel frumpy}

well... now i'm off to make a list of things that must be done tomorrow.
i've got to keep this productivity going!

good night!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

etsy shop. updated.

finally listed some tops in the shop:

some have been listed already and the rest will be listed tomorrow.

also... i have some new excitement in the works...
and i have lots of work that needs to be done!
this week will be uber productive.

also.... give me your input:
what should i list on etsy this week?
-more jewelry
-more dresses

votes would be much appreciated.

a little photoshoot.

lately i've been feeling like the only time i take pictures anymore
is when i have to take photos of items to put on etsy.

so, my cousins came over and played dress-up in stuff from the shop
and we took loads of pictures.

here are a few:

now, i'm off to do some etsy listing that has been put off for way too long.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

a few cute boxes.

sorry i haven't posted in a while...
this week has been strangely hectic, but i feel like not much has been going on.
i didn't even get any etsy listing done this week.
{hopefully tomorrow.}

here are a few vintage boxes that i found while browsing
through a huge box full of small boxes {ha.}
that i got for free from an estate sale to use for shipping.

but these ones are just too sweet, so... they're on a shelf at the shop now.




i promise i will post a couple more posts within the next 24 hours.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

daily dose: velvet leopard

velvet blazer - vintage thrifted
men's button-up - vintage thrifted
black mini - old navy
gold drop necklace - vintage thrifted {i broke it when i was shopping later ):}
leopard print tights - {i forgot where they are from...}
socks - target
boots - vintage thrifted
tapestry purse - vintage thrifted


yesterday dewey & i went out to visit manda to have our ladies bible study
we got to meet miss L that manda nannies for,
she was such a sweetie!!
we also got to skype with bekah {i haven't seen her in months!}
it was a lovely afternoon.

manda with little miss L

she's so sweet!

miss L closed us in prayer at the end of bible study.... HA!

i am so thankful for my ladies!

Monday, February 14, 2011

daily dose: happy valentine's day!

a little white & floral romantic outfit for valentine's day:

my floral skirt got kind of washed out in the pictures.

go out and play in the rain with your valentine.
ha! so sweet.

white ruffle top - bitten by jessica simpson
brooch - vintage {was my momma's}
floral skirt - rue 21 {was a $3 dress - i chopped it up}
lace belt & red bow - vintage thrifted
floral tights - forever 21
silver flats - vintage thrifted


happy valentine's day! xoxo.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

valentine's day heart tarts.

my sweet cousin sarah came to stay with me last night.
we decided to bake a little valentine's snack to eat
while we soaked our feet and watched a movie.

i found this recipe online and decided to try it out:

i used my grandma's recipe for pie crust instead of buying pie crust like the recipe says.
so, it was a lot flakier. {and harder to frost}

they turned out pretty cute
but i thought they tasted terrible - i couldn't even finish one.
sarah really liked them though... oh well!

hopefully manda is proud of my baking skills!

Friday, February 11, 2011

daily dose: plain jane purple.

just a plain purple dress with no accessories...
it's been quite an exciting day obviously.

dress, belt, boots - vintage thrifted
tights - ?

just a random thought: all i want lately is to go midnight sledding
but nobody will ever go with me!
i haven't gone sledding in years and i've just been feeling adventurous
{and i can never fall asleep at night}
send me some adventurous sledding friends, please!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

i'm a thankful little lady.

i just wanted to say how excited and thankful i have been
for my shop and/or blog being featured on other lovely ladies' blogs lately.

here is a list of posts you should check out:


thank you, thank you ladies!

{if i forgot you, let me know (: }

diy: paper garland & felt mobiles.

today i hung out in my sweats all day:
i watched the lion king with malacai
and made paper & felt garland & mobiles all afternoon
{i have been meaning to for months, but never got around to it.}
{also... i got inspired by this. i want to make those arrows sooo bad.}

here are a few:

^ stole some paint cards from lowes. cut them up and sewed them together.

i saw garland of little paper houses on etsy the other day
and i thought that it would be perfect for my office at habitat.
had bunches of felt and they were {pretty close to} the habitat colors,
so i made this little garland to hang above my desk when i go in tomorrow!

all of these paper cut-outs were ones that i had cut
with the intention of making garlands as christmas presents...

they're all made from pages from old children's books and just sewn together.

i made ones with little color schemes and some are boy/girl specific...
i love them.
if i had babies... these would be hung all over their nursery.
{instead, they'll just hang in my room. ha!}

and finally, just to be festive,
i made some valentine's day themed ones:

good night.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

how to wear it... {lace top}

i got an adorable black lace top from dewey a few weeks ago
and today i couldn't decide what i wanted to wear it with...
so i tried on all three choices.

you decide what i should wear tonight. and comment please. :)

{click on photo for a better look}

outfit #1:
plaid school girl suspender skirt - vintage thrifted
black heels - payless

outfit #2:
jean cut offs - thrifted a&f
yellow lace socks - forever21
black boots - vintage thrifted

outfit #3:
colorful bandage skirt - vintage thrifted
red heels - vintage thrifted

all three oufits
black lace top - h&m {from miss dewey}
black cami - g&g rave {cost 43 cents. literally.}
black tights - ?

which one is your favorite?!

Monday, February 7, 2011

moustache monday.

dewey & i went into rochester for the hearts & crafts event at java's on sunday after church
there were the cutest little vendors at the sale.

the best part was we got: FREE moustaches on sticks!
{the moustaches turned out to be hours of fun. literally - hours.}

just a random photo i had to share:
as we were walking, i spotted elvis peeking out from behind a post office drop box.
we looked in and found quite the collection of vhs... elvis, abs workout, unlabeled
it was so strange.
but we scooted right along and took pictures of our moustaches along the way.

these are the goodies i ended up buying at the craft show though:

two sweet floral hair bows - littlegreenbirdxo
{i couldn't find the other bow when i took these pictures}
and two mini vintage matchbook notebooks - buenahelena

the girl i bought the bows from is also the one that gave out free moustaches.
she pretty much gets the gold medal for the day.

at least my family thinks so:

nana & mully

lino-j & papa

what a great day!

here's a few other vendors that i liked that also have etsy shops
{and that i got their info. there were bunches of other great booths}

sarah g. ortiz
fawnray designs
the mad fawn