Monday, April 25, 2011

daily dose: maroon bell.

these pictures are actually some that my cousin took for me the other day.
i have been so busy working over at the house that i'm doing the estate sale at this weekend
that i haven't had any time to take photos {or dress cute}.

check out some of the stuff that will be at the estate sale:
{mcgrath estate sales}

vintage knit top - thrifted
vintage maroon dress - thrifted
vintage belt - thrifted
purse - thrifted
vintage brown heels - thrifted

pray that i get through the next few days without too much stress!

daily dose: easter bunny.

happy easter!

i had such a nice & relaxing day today
{0ther than our hot water heater not working at the apartment this morning}
but.. i'm hoping to get some sleep tonight. so i'm making this post brief.

vintage dress - thrifted
tights - ??
vintage heels - thrifted
bunny ears - stole them from my little brothers

good night!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

what she wears: fourth st. payphone.

another saturday afternoon guest post!
caitlin from fourth st. payphone.
{doesn't she have the best name ever?! (; }

what she's wearing:
dress- h&m
sweater/tights- target
shoes- urban outfitters

thanks caitlin!
don't forget to check out her blog!

Friday, April 22, 2011

daily dose: earth day orange.

happy earth day!

this outfit is so cozy - perfect for a cool breezy day like today.
these suspenders are my outfit staple lately. love.

i have a lot to catch up on - sorry if i haven't responded to some of your comments/e-mails.
i promise i will soon!

vintage dior men's sweater -thrifted
vintage suspenders - thrifted
vintage orange skirt - thrifted
vintage blue & floral socks - thrifted
vintage oxfords - thrifted

thanks to my cousin for dealing with my awkwardness to take photos for me :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

daily dose: bathroom break.

i know i have been terrible about posting lately.
but so much is going on - once this month is over, posting will be back to normal.

i took these photos really quick in my new bathroom
right before i changed to hop into my bed.

floral leotard - thrifted
black & gold belt - thrifted
black skirt - old navy
maroon socks - thrifted

good night!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


WARNING: this post will be long, personal, and boring.

so, today i moved into my first apartment.
yeah, until today i lived in the same house since i was about one.
{except when i went to m.n. for 5 months}

here's the story:

a couple years ago i had been looking at foreclosed fixer-upper houses to buy
{because i think apartments are a waste of money}
and it was an insanely exciting process
{even when i put in offers and another buyer ended up getting the house}
but through a not-so-fun string of events
{mostly a bunch of serious money-pit cars}
i didn't quite have the money for a down payment anymore.

a couple months ago it came time that i had to move out...
so, the apt. search began.
and to be quite honest, it was miserable - not exciting or fun like it should be.
so many tiny, dirty, stinky, expensive, and ugly apartments.
finally we {my cousin & i} found a two bedroom apt., the rent was reasonable,
and it was in a location that we could agree on. and we took it.

so here i am.
half unpacked.
eating a crappy dinner at 11:30 pm.
and thinking how much i miss the place i called home for 21 yrs.

i know it's so weird for someone of my age to not be so excited about living on their own.
and i'm sure a lot of that non-excitement stems from issues of losing my mom at 12 yrs old.
it's just so hard to leave the house where my mom & dad raised zac & me.
where i used to make crafts with mom.
and cuddle with blankets over the heater together.
where dad would braid my hair before school
and watch bobby's world with me until the bus came.

where we used to have "thursday manner night"
and sit on the porch swing to watch lighting storms across the field.
where dad would build us tree forts
and mom would rub my back until i would fall asleep.

where i used to sneak in zac's room to steal his toys
and then cry when he would sneak in my room and read my diary.
where i would sit at the top of stairs in the middle of the night
and yell until mom would wake up and come get me.
where i used to jump in my parents bed in the morning
and pretend i was a chicken.
where my dad would kiss my forehead every night before he went to bed
and would wake up and talk with me when i had a cry-fest in the middle of the night.
where i learned how to love
and how to walk with God.

but here i am in my new house.

so, this will be a lot of changes. and probably a lot of missing living with my dad,
and even those 3 little boys that i could hear running & screaming downstairs every morning.
but here we go... new chapter.
new bedroom to go sleep in... right now.

good night.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

what she wears: steffys pros and cons.

i'm very excited to share my second guest blogger with you guys!
i am actually sponsoring her blog this month
and i just think that she is oh so lovely!

I am Steffy from Steffys Pros and Cons, a personal style blog with a vintage focus, and I am so excited to be here posting on Caitlin's blog! This is an outfit that I put together at my friend Sara's house when we were taking outfit pictures. I thought it matched the sunny day perfectly with it's floral patterns and pink tones (although I must say, the sweater was a bit too hot for the day!) The skirt is my go-to skirt because I think it looks fabulous with anything, and it is short but not too short. The shoes are also some of my favorites, but I wore them to Ultra Music Festival and they got a little bit dirty which makes me sad! I try to save these tights for special occasions such as this one, because if they are paired with the wrong outfit they could make something good go so so wrong!

what she's wearing:

skirt, top, vest, & shoes - thrifted
necklace & tights - forever 21

thank you so much Steffy!!

check out my outfit over on her blog

Friday, April 15, 2011

daily dose: cuckoo clock style.

my cousin took these photos for me a few days ago - when it was MUCH warmer than it was today. we went for a walk at the park and it was so beautiful. i am so happy that warm weather is finally coming around {even if we have the occasional cold day like today}.

anyways... i am obsessed with this outfit. and it reminds me of the little men that dance around on old cuckoo clocks. probably just the suspenders and something about the hat. but... i just really like it.

vintage men's hat - thrifted
vintage plaid blouse - thrifted
vintage shorts - thrifted
vintage suspenders - thrifted
vintage avon owl brooch - thrifted @salvationarmy
vintage niagara falls charm bracelet - thrifted @ garage sale
vintage mustard socks - thrifted
chunky platform sandals - thrifted

everything thrifted... go me!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

daily dose: failed attempt

these photos are from a failed attempt at a photo shoot the other day.
it was just a terrible time of day for a photo shoot because it was so bright
i couldn't even keep my eyes open for any of the photos!

i wish we had got pictures of some of the details of this outfit.
because i loved them... but we just gave up and basked in the sun instead!

vintage crop top w/ bow - thrifted
vintage mini - thrifted
vintage shawl - thrifted @ estate sale
socks - thrifted
heels - charlotte russe
vintage watch - thrifted
bracelet - was my momma's

Monday, April 11, 2011

what she wears: the violet reaction

i am so very excited to start my new guest post series!
every now and then i will find some other lovely bloggers
to take over my blog for the day - so you all get a chance to see
some other stylish ladies that you may not have already.

here is the first!

My name is Leanna and I like to pretend that everyone is intensely interested in what I wear everyday, so I post outfits on my blog, The Violet Reaction. I also like to post about Etsy stuff (I have a shop there, also called VioletReaction), music I like, and things I find inspiring. In the past year I've taken up thrift shopping to save money, and though the results tend to make my mom cringe, I like to think I look at least semi-presentable. I'm quite the skirt-addict, though I do appreciate a good pair of shorts (like today), or jeans on occasion. Anyways, thanks Caitlin for letting me crash your page!

what she's wearing:

Cardigan - Target
Tank Top - Forever21
Shorts - Old Navy, altered... they were jeans but last night I just chopped them off to make shorts :)
Belt - Thrifted from St. Vincent dePaul
Purse - Forever21
Tights - Kohls
Shoes - John Fluevog in Seattle
Mustard Rose Pin - Brydferth on Etsy
Rings & Earrings - Handmade by me

isn't she great?!
thanks so much Leanna!
{don't forget to pop on over and check out her blog}

Sunday, April 10, 2011

daily dose: zenith style.

vintage men's cardigan - thrifted
striped tank - h&m
bow - thrifted
vintage high rise floral shorts - thrifted
vintage braided leather belt - thrifted
mustard tights - ??
platform sandals - thrifted
rings: 1 -vintage thrifted and 1-violet reaction

let me just say... my cousin and i saw this tv on the side of the road and, of course, we thought a photo shoot with it would be perfect! so we pulled over to pick it up - and it was the HEAVIEST thing in the world! we pushed it in the van and then took it next to the baseball field by her church, so that we were right next to the dumpster and could leave it there when we were done. if it hadn't been so heavy - we would have found a much prettier field or woods to take the photos in. {sorry, we're weaklings!}

also, i apologize for my squinty face - it was so sunny out!
and warm, finally!

{i know this tv isn't actually a zenith tv, but i always associate big old tvs with zenith because that's what we always had}

Friday, April 8, 2011

daily dose: rockin' it.

black shirt - old navy
striped tank - h&m
vintage pink 80's high waist shorts - thrifted
white tights - goodwill
socks - thrifted
vintage black buckle boots - thrifted

i got asked on numerous occasions if those were my "real" legs today.
now, there might not be a big difference in the color of the tights and my natural skin tone
but wow! dang this white irish skin!