Tuesday, May 31, 2011

daily dose: conductor style.

{my sweet older brother^.}

needless to say, the lake was beautiful and relaxing this weekend.
i got to play volleyball and get a rosey red face, spent too much time
throwing rocks in the water {plunking}, watch a lightning storm over the
lake with some amazing friends, eat some of my grandma's famous fried pancakes,
spend some time taking pictures & chatting with my big brother.
{we found broken glasses washed up on shore... just to explain the photo}

ugh... i miss the lake already! today it was back to work though...
and i'm already having car trouble again! so my car is stranded in a parking lot.
luckily i have the greatest friend in the world and she's letting me borrow her car.

floral crop top - thrifted
big mac overalls - thrifted @ garage sale for $0.50
toms - thrifted @ salvation army
simple as that.

question for any of you out there that have/had an etsy shop:
do you think it's best to sell primarily on etsy?
or has something else worked better for you?
ebay, setting up your own merchant site, etc...?
i would love to hear your thoughts!

i'm going thrifting with a friend tomorrow... i'm hoping he lets me pick out a bunch of stuff for him to try on. and maybe i can find a few cute & cheap things for myself while i'm out!

goodnight. xo.

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hosting a giveaway over on steffy's blog!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

daily dose: schwinn.

my face is so sunburnt it is making me exhausted...
i'll have to chat about my weekend tomorrow evening.
right now... i should head to bed!

shirt - walmart {love buying big shirts from the plus size section}
skirt - old navy
sandals - journey's
belt/tie - thrifted {from my shop}
hat- garage sale {finally one big enough for my huge head!}
bike - my brother found it in pile of garbage

i hope you all had a great weekend! xo.

{p.s. thanks to my big brother for taking these photos for me!}

Thursday, May 26, 2011

plain indoor jane.

tonight i coached my friends soccer team because she was out of town
it's a three & four year old league. and the kids are absolutely hilarious to watch.
after our game there was a crazy storm and i got to go to my dad's house
and watch the thunderstorm with malacai & lincoln & our cousin, sarah.
the boys were so excited about the lightning and thunder.
i miss hanging out with them every day.

my little 7 month old cousin, fabienne, had surgery on her heart today.
i praise God that the surgery went well
and i can't wait to kiss that sweet little lady again!
keep her family in your thoughts & prayers through her recovery.

floral dress - h&m
rice name necklace - gift from mexico from a friend
black beaded necklace - thrifted
heels - charlotte russe
{sorry for the lame-o pictures, i didn't have much time today!}

i'm about to start packing for another weekend at the lake.
i couldn't be happier!
i'm hoping to have some time to sneak in a few posts while i'm there!
{if i don't... don't miss me too much (:}

goodnight. xo.

Monday, May 23, 2011

let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

i put my cousin's hair extensions in last night.
it made me so excited to keep growing my hair out!!

i want a set of extensions for my birthday now
so i can wear them all the time!!

what do you think?!

p.s. - i finally ate a couple crackers & drank some gatorade
i still feel really weak and sick... hopefully by tomorrow morning
i'll be back to normal again.

good night. xo.

dandy dandelions.

so, this weekend was an amazing weekend. and last night was a great way to end it
frolicking through fields by my cousins house.

unfortunately i was awake all night with a fever
and have been puking all morning.
i hate being sick! i feel a little better now, but my whole body aches.

i guess it's a good day to lay in bed
and catch up on some shows on hulu.

i hope you all had a great weekend!

vintage linen button-up - thrifted
vintage necklace - thrifted
lace tank - rue 21?
vintage striped skirt - thrifted & altered {from rummage sale}
chunky white heels - from a teacher @ the high school i went to

Friday, May 20, 2011

ONE little sailor.

sweet baby levi turns 1
{okay... to be honest i'm not sure if his actual birthday
was the 19th, 20th, or 21st... i know, i'm a terrible sister!}
but his party was this past weekend. and it was nautical themed!

kissing a little sailor boy.

we all got some sweet tatts...
{that hurt so badly to try to scrub off before work the next day}
and, of course, there was amazing food.
and a cake with the best icing ever!
little weebs even got his own mini cake

more details & pictures of the party should be coming up HERE soon.

{p.s. i put this post up on a timer but really i am up at the lake
all weekend with no phone or computer on a weekend retreat
with my bible study girls. we're hoping for a few nights with
no rain so we can have some bonfires & lay under the stars}

hope you all have a great weekend!!

daily dose: i hear the trains.

there are so many trains!
you don't realize how often they go by until you live close enough
that can feel them shake your entire apartment. haha. {it's not that bad!}
i've heard at least 5 go by since i sat down to write a few posts
and edit some other photos that have been waiting for my attention.
geez louise!

navy school uniform - thrifted @ salvation army
vintage knit top - estate sale i think...?
brown tank - thrifted @ salvation army
floral belt - thrifted {stole from my shop}
cuckoo clock brooch - thrifted @ salvation army
vintage pocketwatch necklace - from my gramps
{yes, this is my favorite necklace - i wear it with everything}

also... that picture hanging above my bed is my favorite.
i fell in love with it at a garage sale and the guy gave it to me for half off!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

a few cute things.

here are some goodies i bought at the rummage sale today.
{i cashed my income tax refund - a whopping $33 - and decided to let myself go shopping!}

i bought these jars to attempt to make some mini terrariums
and i've been in need of some colorful accents around the apartment
and i found this owl glass & a jar with a cute little wire holder. perfect.

i also picked up some clothes at the sale: a skirt, a pair of shorts,
a cozy over-sized sweater, a lace top, and a swimsuit.

and i got two pairs of shoes - the ones in the picture
and a sweet pair of vintage reebok sneakers

i forgot to post last weekend about my garbage picking adventures!
it was spring cleaning weekend in the town where my apartment is
so basically you can throw anything out by the curb and the garbage
people will pick it up. and people really do throw everything out by the curb.

luckily, i was raised to get right in with the garbage to find some treasures.
dad & mom used to garbage pick with zac & i all the time.
i remember being mortified that my friends would see us.
now i just have no shame. haha!

this year i got two chairs {the white one above is one of them}, a bunch of old books,
some vintage clothes, a kid's rocking chair, a wicker basket,
and a vintage doll cradle.

all for free. how much better can it get?!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

daily dose: one hundred.

i now have 100 followers! what an exciting day!
{i'll have to celebrate with a give-away!}
thank you all so much for all your support & comments & e-mails.
you make me smile every day!

shirt - thrifted
vintage wrap-around floral skirt - from mimi {my step-grammy}
black wedges - i actually don't remember {thrifted or charlotte russe}
pocket watch necklace - from my grandpa
ring - thrifted @ flea market

i've been working quite a bit lately... so i've been slacking on posts.
i'm sorry!
levi's 1st birthday party on sunday was lovely {i'll have to share a few photos from that tomorrow}
on tuesday i had the bible study girls over and
i hosted my first little dinner as a hostess at the apartment.
i even got to wear one of my sweet vintage aprons to cook in. so fun!

dewey brought me over delicious cookies & lucky charms {she knows me too well}
and her mom bought me some beautiful flowers.
they are so uber sweet to me.

i'm hoping to stop at a church rummage sale tomorrow near the church i work at.
{the pastor at the church told me there are a lot of grandma's attic items,
like super old school style - hopefully he was right!}
i'll let you know if i find anything amazing!

good night. xo.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

self portraits.

yesterday was the first day since i moved into the apartment
that i had an entire day without any work/plans.

so i cleaned and relaxed and then decided to take some self portraits
because i haven't in a long time.

so here are a few:

well, now that it looks like i'm completely obsessed with myself... {i promise i'm not}
i guess i'll call it a day.

off to pick out an outfit for my littlest brother's nautical themed b-day party!
he's turning 1! sweet little bubs.