Thursday, June 30, 2011

daily dose: rested.

this week has flown by! and i am so thankful!!
i'm spending this afternoon lounging around and
then packing for vacation!
my cousins {that i only see once a year} are also going to be up there.
one of which had a beautiful baby girl this year that i haven't met yet.
oh, man! sooo excited!

i feel so rested today and thankful for all of God's blessings in my life.

i can't wait to do some awesome posts from up at the lake next week.
and later today i'll post some pictures from the last wedding i shot.

lace top - from dewey
vintage blue floral skirt - thrifted, back in high school
red heels - thrifted
socks - thrifted @ rummage sale
ring & necklace {worn as a bracelet} - thrifted

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

what i've been up to...

what i've been up to while i haven't been blogging:

celebrated my litte brother's 5th birthday
camp-out theme.

ate delicious desserts made by manda.

hung out with my cousin. admired the beauty all around me.

loved on my little {happy} brothers

i turned 22. {my favorite number. yipee!}
this is my daytime birthday outfit. i had a different amazing outfit when i went
out at night but i didn't get any pictures. i'll just have to wear it again soon.

went to lukey's graduation party.

also... i finished going through & editing all the pictures
from the wedding from the 18th. and i feel so relieved!
AND this friday i get to go on vacation for a week!!
and i'll have time to do some fun posts while i'm relaxing up at the lake!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

daily dose: just dropping in.

i feel like i've just been a visitor to my blog lately.
man oh, man... why do we let our lives become so incredibly busy?
i have been going non-stop for too many weeks now.
so this afternoon i decided i would let myself do a blog post.
because i miss it!

then i'll be spending the rest of the week editing pictures from
the wedding this past weekend. which went quite well.
but it was 12 hour of shooting... and my arm was exhausted!
and this friday is... my birthday!! yippee!!

well... time to go get ready to coach soccer!

vintage floral sweater - thrifted
suspenders - thrifted
vintage high waist shorts - thrifted
chunky sandals - thrifted

happy first day of summer!

Friday, June 17, 2011

a nice day for a white wedding.

here are a few pictures from the white/stanton wedding i shot last weekend.
it turned out to be such a beautiful day, no rain at all!
{the forecast was thunderstorms all day}

now i'm off to lincoln's camp-out birthday party
and then shooting another wedding tomorrow.
wish me luck!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


this pretty much sums it up....
i have had so much going on in the past two weeks.
and next week is shaping up to be just about the same.
{50+ hr work weeks exhaust me!}
i'm sorry, sweet blog, for neglecting you.
i promise i will be back and better than ever by next week.

xo. caitlin.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

daily dose: greens & kisses.

i'm back with an outfit post finally!

this is one of my favorite {simple, lightweight, pair with anything} dresses that i have.
and it works just right for all this hot weather we've been having!
if only these sunny days could stick around for the wedding i'm photographing this weekend...
forecast currently is: thunderstorms. eek!

i stopped by dad's and saw the boys today...
i also had dewey snap these photos out in the back yard while we were there.
lincoln ran away so he didn't have to get in a picture with me.
but malacai was too slow to run away so he got snagged for a smooch.
sweet little bub. haha.

green floral dress - thrifted
skirt - cut up from a dress i wore when i was about 10
leather belt - thrifted @ the rummage sale i went to last week
trouser socks: thrifted @ rummage sale too
vintage sandals - thrifted

off to trivia night with some friends!

hopefully i can catch up on some of your blogs later tonight!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

i'm sorry.

i'm sorry for being such a slacker blogger this past week.
i've been insanely busy!
working lots of hours - between 4 jobs.
and the next two weekends i've got weddings that i'm the photographer at.
so... some more busy weeks ahead,
which is sad because i've been having such great
inspiration for the shop and i've been having to push it back
because all this other stuff is taking up all of my time!

but the weather has been so beautiful.
my only complaint is not having an air conditioner in my apartment.
{currently it is 90 degrees and i'm sitting in front of the fan scantily clad}
phew! i promise i will do a more exciting post tomorrow.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

happy birthday daddy!

happy birthday to my daddy!
{that cuddled me back when i was a chubby piggy child.}

he's the sweetest, most patient guy you will ever meet.
i couldn't ask for a better dad, he has got me through everything.

i thank God for him everyday.
even the days when i'm a mean & terrible daughter.
{sorry about those days}

hope you have a great day dad!
i love you!

daily dose: candy striper.

{sorry for the angry face. i was so squinty!}

{can't keep my eyes open. ha.}

i bought this dress last weekend at a friend's garage sale.
and i just love it, i'm always excited when i find a dress that is the perfect length.

and i wore this outfit to work on thursday and i had to run to the post office while i was there... when i walked into the post office there was an older man {probably somewhere in his 60's} and he was just staring at me.
so i just smiled and said, "hi!"
he kept staring
then he said "what are you?"
i was confused...
"are you supposed to be a candy striper? why are you dressed up?"
"oh, i just like wearing fun things i guess"
proceeds to stare at my shoes for an extensive period of time.
so, i finally said, "they're vintage wooden clogs."
continues to stare, i continue to feel quite awkward.
i don't think i've had someone stare at me for so long in my life.
finally he left and said something bizarre on the way out that i don't even remember now.

people are crazy.

vintage dress - thrifted @ garage sale
vintage wooden clogs - thrifted
headband - thrifted vintage fabric cut-up
hair extensions - stole from my cousin

i'm working a crazy amount of hours this weekend.
yesterday i worked 9-9 and i have today and tomorrow too.
so much for a relaxing weekend!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

daily dose: wind blown.

today was a very windy day.

and just to show you how windy it was...
here is a peak at me attempting to tame my crazy hair:

today i gave a little show to a bunch of people in the valu parking lot...
i usually plan ahead and wear shorts spandex under my dresses if it's supposed to be windy.
i didn't realize how windy it was and my dress was flying everywhere.
hopefully they didn't get too good of a view. ha!

my allergies have been absolutely terrible today too.
my eyes are itching so badly! they have been puffy & red all day. ugh!

dress - thrifted
skirt - altered from a dress i had when i was 8-10ish
socks - gift {target}
shoes - thrifted
handbag - thrifted
necklace - thrifted