Thursday, July 28, 2011

daily dose: halter.

it was pretty much the hottest week ever last week...
so, i've been trying to avoid wearing clothes as much as possible.
hahah... well at least avoid wearing clothes that make me feel like i'm sweating to death!
i usually steer away from tops like this because they show too much belly...
but paired with these sweet high-waist shorts i felt pretty covered
but also pretty cool. {i did have to pull my hair up because it was making me too hot}.

manda got this vintage top in a lot of clothes she bought at the estate sale
{the one i got all those boxes from} and she let me steal it from her.
it is the most simple, homemade top ever made.
once i have some spare time, i plan on making a bunch
of them from vintage fabrics that i have.
i already have a couple of friends that want one!

vintage homemade halter - thrifted @ estate sale by manda
vintage shorts - thrifted

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

camp days {babies & bellies}.

while i was at camp i got to take some pictures for my cousins from north carolina.
one has a sweet baby girl that is 6 months old
{she seriously is the best baby i have EVER seen in my life. no joke.}
and my other cousin has a little guy hanging out in her belly for a few more weeks.

check out the sweetness:
missing all my beautiful cousins!
i love you guys!

Monday, July 25, 2011

daily dose: insta-post.

so, i lost one of the batteries to my camera
and both of the other batteries are dead...
so i decided to go with an instagram post
since i wasn't sure where my little camera was either.
this will suffice, right?!

plaid jumper - heritage 1981
vintage people blouse - thrifted @ a sweet estate sale by manda
bow - vintage thrifted
green suede heels - birthday present from manda

while i've been neglecting my blog, i've been busy buying a new {to me} car & a new phone:

bought a honda accord from a hippie boy
that offered me some "herb" when i went to pick up the car.
{don't worry dad, i didn't accept his offer}
check out the jerry sticker...
and i found a little too much leftover "herb" while cleaning out the car.
haha! thanks dude.
and i got an i-phone! yippee!! i've had the same phone for 3.5 years, it was about time!

also, i went to an amazing estate sale this past week.
i bought about 8-10 boxes full of vintage women's and children's clothes
from the early 1900's - 1960/70's.
and i got a bunch of antique knick-knacks for cheap. i was so excited!!
i can not wait to start going through the clothes and doing outfit posts with them!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

camp days {carnival}.

last friday {our last night all together at the cottage}
a bunch of us girls all drove to a carnival about 15 minutes from the campgrounds

we got to eat some ice cream, play some games,
dance in the grass, pay too much money for a cup of fresh squeezed lemonade,
watch wasted old men stumble around the dance floor {ha!}, and
got some cotton candy and funnel cakes {my favorite}.
i love going even though they are outrageously expensive...
andd the fair near my house will be going on next week,
so i get to go get some more funnel cake very soon!

**thanks to sophia for letting me steal that picture of me buying some
delicious funnel cake. check out her photography page.

hope you are all having a great weekend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

daily dose: blueberries.

one of the days during my vacation up at the lake,
we mosied up to the blueberry patch and picked a bunch.
we waited until it was later in the afternoon in hopes that it would cool down a bit,
but it was still extremely hot! luckily, i brought my fan with me.
{from my oriental-decorated room from when i lived & worked up at the cottage the summers of 10th & 11th grade}
the blueberries were delicious and it was exciting to go to that patch again
because i hadn't been there in years!

shirt - vintage thrifted
skirt - altered vintage thrifted
suspenders - vintage thrifted
sandals - journey's
sunnies - vintage thrifted
ring - thrifted

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

camp days {3}

{playing catch-up}
what i did while on vacation:

went out on the boat

went to the fireworks on july 4th

went for a late night mcdonalds run.

had picnics in the woods.

went down by the water and looked out over the lake.

went out to eat with the family & then strolled through the local farmers market.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

camp days {2}

we took the boat up the lake to olcott one of the days during camp
my favorite thing is to ride up on the front of the boat and hang my feet over the side.
it was a pretty long ride, perfect for soaking up some sun.

we got to walk around and see some run-down buildings,
cute little shops along the lake, wander through packed antique shops,
and sit by the carousel as we ate some ice cream.
it was a great afternoon.
and it was good to spend time with my family from north carolina.

Monday, July 11, 2011

daily dose: orchards.

this shoot was taken in an apple orchard right next to the camp grounds
i've wanted to do an outfit post there for a while, so i'm glad i finally got to!

shirt - forever 21 or old navy? {i've had it for a long time and i don't feel like checking}
vintage christian dior skirt- thrifted
tank - g&g rave
vintage leather braided belt - thrifted
basket - gram's

my last few days of vacation were so full of adventures that i didn't have anytime to do posts!
so i have a lot of catch-up to do. and LOADS of photos to post.
overall it was an amazing vacation. i'm so thankful for rest.

today was my first day back.
it's kinda sad to be back to the working world
but i got flowers and chocolate from one of the ladies i work with this morning
and my boss at my other job picked flowers from her garden for me this afternoon.
so it made it easier to come back to my little offices.

off to look through some photos from this weekend...
more posts to come tonight or tomorrow!