Thursday, September 29, 2011

fall fashion week: day 6

yesterday's outfit was actually from last weekend...
and i wore this outfit this week because i liked that one so much.
i didn't mean to post basically the same outfit twice in a row though!

i guess i'm really feeling the maxi skirt/crochet top look. haha.

dior skirt - vintage thrifted
braided belt - vintage thrifted
crochet top - vintage thrifted
scarf/headband - vintage thrifted
gold sandals - target

i was getting fidgety during the outfit shoot...
so i was dancing and doing backbends.
i saved you the horror of looking at pictures of me dancing like a whacko.
but here's the best backbend i could pull off. HA!
tori was not impressed with my weirdness.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

fall fashion week: day 5

i threw together this outfit the other day and really liked it
so i suckered my cousin, tori, into taking more pictures for me. {she always does!}
i used to take all my pictures using a tripod... but it gets SO annoying using the timer
so i'm extremely thankful for her willingness to deal with my awkward poses.
thanks tor, i love you!

one week from today and i'll be off on my road trip to minnesota.
and i am SO excited!! i want to start packing now!

red maxi skirt: vintage thrifted
crochet top: vintage thrifted
floral belt: vintage thrifted
scarf: christmas gift
bracelets: were my momma's
hat: garage sale
buckle oxfords: vintage thrifted

i'm so glad that i joined in on fall fashion week!
there have been so many beautiful ladies & awesome outfits!
and all your sweet words have meant the world to me!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fall fashion week: day 4

shirt, pants, suspenders, bow tie, & heels - all vintage thrifted
socks - ??

i cut and dyed my hair last night {not shown in these pictures}
it is a little more red than i had hoped... we'll see how it looks as it fades in a little bit.

hope all is well. xo.

Monday, September 26, 2011

fall fashion week: day 3

{warning: i am in serious need of some hair dye. eek!}

i'm too awkward looking sometimes. ha!
dress, bow, belt, boots, socks, & rings - all vintage thrifted

so, yesterday was the first day that i had NOTHING planned all day
for the first time in months! and i did not let my sickness get in the way!
i got loads of sleep in the morning and then i was still feeling crummy
so i made myself get up and:
clean my room,
vacuum the apartment,
do all the dishes,
thoroughly clean the bathroom,
sweep and mop kitchen & bathroom,
sweep the stairs that come up to our apartment,
clean my closet,
make myself some yummy lunch,
work on blog stuff,
book our rental car for our road trip {in 10 days! eep!}
{if anyone knows of anything exciting to do/places to visit in minneapolis... let me know!}

at the end of the day i felt much better,
and this morning i'm feeling even better.
hopefully i worked away the sickness!

join in!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

fall fashion week: day 2

sunflower sunday.

i'm glad my cousin came over last night and snapped some outfit photos for me
because it looks like my actual outfit for today will be jammies.
laying in bed feeling cruddy...
skipped church, so i'm making myself some tea and
watching one of the sermons online that i missed this summer.
then i plan on working on blog stuff in between naps for the rest of the day.

i bought this dress recently from an estate that contacted me
about a bunch of vintage clothes they had.
this sunflower gem is from the 1930's
i love how much more detailed and tailored everything was.

sunflower dress - vintage thrifted {estate sale}
thigh high tights - ??
boots - vintage thrifted
purse - vintage thrifted
frizzy hair - mcgrath hair

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

fall fashion week: day 1

the past month i've been so busy working on the new lookbook & website
that i have totally neglected my blog..
so when i saw emery post about fall fashion week on instagram earlier this week
i knew it would be the perfect thing to make me post an outfit EVERY day this week!

here we go!!

navy floral dress - vintage thrifted {altered}
cozy sweater - vintage thrifted {love those wooden buttons}
tattered skirt - from a dress when i was a youngin' {like 10ish}
knee high socks - target
boots - vintage thrifted

i started feeling really sick this afternoon... got a terrible cold brewing up i think.
time to get some sleep!

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{us mcgrath girls are all over it!}

Friday, September 23, 2011

calista miakoda fall 2011 lookbook.

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

And in honor of the first day of fall, it's finally here....
CalistaMiakoda Fall 2011 LookBook!

which is to promote the launch of MY NEW WEBSITE!! eek!

the website will have a lot of changes made over the next few weeks,
and many more items added.
i just didn't want to wait any longer for the launch!

it's been loads of work...
but i'm looking forward to the winter & spring lookbooks already!

check out the new lookbook & website
& i would love to hear any feedback!

Monday, September 19, 2011

daily dose: back in tights.

welcome back tights.
and boots.
and cute jackets.
and falling leaves.
and apple cider.

{fall is beautiful... but i dread the fact that winter comes next. ick.}

{notice how the zipper makes a weird point in the butt? shoot!}

in other news... launching my new site for calistamiakoda this week!
and i'm putting the finishing touches on my fall lookbook
hopefully to be posted by the first day of fall!
...which i thought was the 21st, but it turns out it's the 23rd! yippee!

shirt & tights - thrifted {not vintage}
shorts, belt & boots - vintage thrifted

little levi was watching us take photos from the porch... but he wanted to get down to play!
so we chased the neighbors cat around. haha.

i adore this little guy.