Wednesday, November 30, 2011

boys i'm thankful for.

(excuse my late thanksgiving post)

i spent my thanksgiving with a little stomach bug (that lasted for a week!)
so i didn't eat as much as i would have liked, but at least i could eat some!
after dinner we went for a walk at sunset (because it has been in the 50's in ny in late november?!)
then came back inside and sat in front of the fire.
{i need a woodstove in whatever house i buy someday}

here are a few shots of some of my boys from thanksgiving

baby brother, levi. dad. big brother, zac.
(missing: little brothers lincoln & malacai... they were upstairs playing all day, so i got no pictures of them)

i'm thankful for all the love & sweetness these guys bring to my life.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

school day blouse.

i picked up this school-y themed blouse from a rummage sale a few weeks ago.
it's so soft and i've been wearing it with eveything!

blouse, shorts, coat, socks - vintage thrifted
vintage heels - gift

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a new camera bag.

i was at goodwill the other day and i picked up a gorgeous vintage american tourist bag.
i'm planning on making this beauty into my new camera bag because my camera stuff
has outgrown the little bag it was in. plus this is much cuter!

tommy hilfiger stripe top - thrifted
rust dress - forever 21
brown tights - gift
booties - from a serious hoarder house
bag - thrifted, american tourist
thanks to my cousin, tori, for taking lots of pictures for me!

thinking: i need to do something new with my hair.
i want a new tattoo.
i need to work on the winter lookbook, but i need snow and a specific building...
i need more hours in my day.

Monday, November 21, 2011

one time too many.

i've worn this outfit three times in the past week...
without washing it {obviously haha}.
it's cute and cozy though and we had our first snow this week
so, cozy is important!

{i can't keep my eyes open, so i just do weird things...}

boots, sweater, belt - vintage thrifted
dress - thrifted
tattered skirt - mine from when i was little
tights - gift from my boss
nail polish - my new favorite from american apparel

hope you have a happy monday!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

where the round brains grow...

dewey and i woke up early on sunday morning
and went out to catch the sunrise and do a little photoshoot.

the hat i had dewey wear was my great grandma's when she was young.
{my head is too big for it} isn't is grand?!

it was a beautiful morning, it was in the 50's at 6 am.
that's amazing for november in new york.
we even got to go out for breakfast before church.
lovely, lovely morning.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

shop update.

i've been working a lot this month on taking pictures to update the shop
so that i can start advertising a full shop in december...

the past couple weeks i've been working on clothes for the little ladies:

one of the models really wanted to collect the cabbage leaves that were
near the barn that we were taking pictures in front of...
i told her i would only let her collect them if she wore them as a hat
(thinking that she wouldn't want to)... she did. ha.
and i'm going to use them for the shop pictures anyways. it's cute right?

i also used her little sister to model some of the smaller clothes.
i put her in one dress and she said, "i don't really like this one."
i told her it was fine, we'd just take a couple pictures really quick
and then put a different one on.
so she walked over, stood in front of the wall, and said,
"you're torturing my cuteness."
ha! i almost died.

anyways... hopefully all the new kids items will be up by saturday night!
watch for the additions.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

sunsets in fall fields.

vintage blouse - thrifted
vintage shorts - thrifted
tights - from my boss {because she's the sweetest}
knee-high socks - gift {target}
vintage boots - thrifted
necklaces - vintage thrifted
belt - handmade by yours truly
trunk - estate sale last weekend

these shorts have been one of my favorite things to wear since i got them in august.
and when i put this outfit on to take pictures the zipper was broken. ughh!
i had to sit funny in the pictures so you could see my whole back side!
i need to figure out how to replace the zipper!

happy wednesday babes.
i hope your day isn't as busy as mine is today!

Friday, November 4, 2011

pretty trees. sweet kicks.

i took some of the photos for calistamiakoda lookbook in these woods
and i just loved them... so i decided i needed my own outfit post in there.

{thanks to my baby cousin for snapping these photos}
dress - thrifted
vintage lace top - thrifted
tights - ??
vintage brooch - thrifted
vintage heels - thrifted, everyday people

cute woods, right?

and how about those heels?!
i bought them while i was in minnesota and i am completely in love with them.
the store i bought them from {everyday people} was awesome.
i brought in some clothes and exchanged them for new {to me} clothes.
how exciting is that?
the staff was awesome and they had tons of sweet items.
{plus, i had just visited a different vintage shop in downtown minneapolis
and was treated extremely rudely by the workers there.
so it was refreshing to walk into a shop with some sweet workers. thanks ladies!}

be sure to check them out if you're ever in the minneapolis area.

so looking forward to this sunny weekend!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


what i wore:

lace top: gift, forever21
lace dress: vintage thrifted
orange tights: thrifted
scarf {belt}: vintage thrifted
vintage heels: gift from manda

this is one of the only years that i haven't worn an actual halloween costume.
i got so busy lately and never got around to planning one out...
at least i wore some halloween colors!

once i got out of work, i went to a party with some family friends to celebrate.
i made some treats the night before to bring to the party:
candy corn rice krispie treats!

me, a blurry lumberjack levi, and a lumberjack dad.

me & linc with some treats!

hahahaha. crazy levi.
we walked around while the boys went trick-or-treating.
they were adorable.

lumberjack malacai.

hope you all had a great halloween!!